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PostgreSQL Manager 3.1.5 for Windows released.

We are pleased to announce new version of PostgreSQL Manager for Windows. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 3.1.5?

  1. Create Table and Create Field forms. Added composite types to the field type list.
  2. When 'Enable floating toolbars' option was on it was possible to undock main menu, but it was impossible to get it back. Fixed now.
  3. Table Editor. 'Duplicate Field' and 'Copy List of Field Names to Clipboard' items of the field list context menu are returned now from version 2.
  4. SQL Editor.
    • 'Toggle Bookmarks' and 'Goto Bookmarks' items of the context menu didn’t work.
    • After opening a form the focus wasn’t placed on the editor.
    • When calling 'Go to Line Number', 'Find', 'Save to File' using the corresponding shortcut in active Log tab, the action was performed in fact in Edit tab editor.
  5. Table and View Editor. Sometimes when switching to or from Data tab Access Violation error arose. Fixed now.
  6. Data Import Wizard.
    • Import from Access. Fixed the bug with loading from template: fields map wasn't loaded.
    • Import from MS Excel. Fixed the bug with moving column cells with Skip Rows equaled to 0 and empty first column cell.
  7. Added infinity values support in grid which was previously realized in version 2.
  8. Extract Metadata. Data from tables which had inherited tables were extracted incorrectly that led to duplicating records in the inherited tables. Fixed now.
  9. SQL Script. With double ; character in the script, filling the statement tree stopped at this place. Fixed now.
  10. DB Explorer. In the context menu ‘Remove from Project’ and ‘Drop ...’ items had the same shortcuts. Fixed now.
  11. Load Data Wizard. Progress indicator showed 50% after finishing a task. Fixed now.
  12. Other small improvements and bugfixes.