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PostgreSQL Manager 3.1 for Windows released.

We are pleased to announce new version of PostgreSQL Manager for Windows. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 3.1?

  1. Copy Database wizard implemented.
  2. Now the program notifies itself of new versions released and updates the needed files when PostgreSQL Manager Direct is enabled to automatic update.
  3. Code Completion. For table fields their types are shown now.
  4. DB Explorer.
    • Visible/Invisible tab state is saved now.
    • In MDI mode shortcuts on additional tabs didn't work correctly. The bug is fixed.
    • On opening Create menu an Access Violation error emerged if the current tree node was host. The bug is fixed.
    • Visible/Invisible SQL Assistant state wasn't saved in MDI mode. The bug is fixed.
    • Pressing Enter for a table opened its editor and also first table field editor. The bug is fixed.
    • Incremental search didn't work on additional tabs. The bug is fixed.
  5. TAB key now can be used to shift focus to the next cell in data grid.
  6. When connecting through SSH 'SSL mode' option wasn't ignored. The bug is fixed.
  7. Grid / Form View. Checkboxes for setting NULL field value weren't shown. The bug is fixed.
  8. Surplus object refreshes were made when connecting to a database, which retarded connect on slow lines. The bug is fixed.
  9. Code Completion. The list didn't include SQL keywords. The bug is fixed.
  10. SQL Editor. With grid filter set in Load Visible Rows mode 'Syntax error' arose on posterior executing of another query. The bug is fixed.
  11. SQL Script. If there were empty operators limited by ';' sign in the text script execution stopped at this operator. The bug is fixed.
  12. Table Editor. If object description wasn't saved when closing form, save request emerged and regardless of the choice the description was saved. The bug is fixed.
  13. When closing the program some forms closed without showing save request. The bug is fixed.
  14. SQL Editor. If a query returned rows in enabled transactions mode, the transaction was committed when executing any posterior query. The bug is fixed.
  15. SQL editors. After closing Environment Options with save, the cursor restored insert/override mode in SQL editors according to program settings. The bug is fixed.
  16. Extract Metadata. When extracting from not connected database the list of schemas wasn't filled. The bug is fixed.
  17. Other small improvements and bugfixes.