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PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.3 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.3?

1. We have implemented a new form for creating tables. Now it allows you to define all the table fields before table creation.

2. Database Registration Dialog: Now you can keep connection with the server alive by checking the Ping Server Every ... Seconds and setting the period between pings.

3. Data Grid:

  • Now you can filter data in the 'Load Visible Rows' mode
  • Now the program exports only the filtered data
  • Now navigator buttons are correctly enabled in 'Load Visible Rows' mode
  • Now the program correctly refreshes data if the table or query contains memo fields, BLOB fields, large string fields, or array fields

4. SQL Editor: The 'ERROR:  current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block' error that appeared when executing large queries is fixed now.

5. Now you can disable the Table Explorer for the current window only.

6. Extract Metadata: Now you can extract the CHARACTER and CHARACTER VARYING fields as CHAR and VARCHAR. The option is added to the Extract Options tab of the dialog.

7. Now the program supports the 'infinity' value of TIMESTAMP fields.

8. We have reduced the amount of virtual memory that is required for saving BLOB objects to the database.

9. Export Data: Now the Export dialog automatically adds the file extension to the file name. Fixed bug with exporting data to CSV.

10. We have fixed several bugs in the Find/Replace commands of the text editor. Now you can use the Ctrl+R shortcut to call the Replace Text dialog.

11. SQL Script: Now the word wrapping system works correctly in the Messages window.

12. Small improvements and bug fixes.