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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.6 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL - a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in Manager for PostgreSQL 5.6? 

  1. Support of foreign data wrappers, foreign servers and foreign tables is added.
  2. Dependency Tree.
    • Added the possibility to move the tree within the display area by holding the left mouse button.
    • Changed the drawing of selected object and recursive objects for better distinction.
    • Added different display modes of dependency tree: show all objects, show objects depending on the selected object, or show only objects selected object depends on.
    • Selected object is placed to the display area automatically now when the dependency tree is too large.
  3. Table Editor. Data tab. Added the possibility to create the detail data levels automatically for tables connected with the given one by means of foreign keys.
  4. Windows panel.
    • Added the ability to move tabs of opened windows with a mouse.
    • Now it is possible to close the windows with the scroll button.
  5. DB Explorer. Favourite queries and scripts can be added into ‘Favourite Objects’ folders.
  6. Environment Options.
    • The possibility to set the Parameter character for SQL queries (Tools tab).
    • It is possible to set the font for data grid separately.
    • DB Explorer. Added the 'Start-with search' option for searching objects.
    • DB Explorer. Added the ‘Auto expand navigation pane’ option.
    • Added the possibility to switch off the 'Restore desktop on connection' option for the databases having the 'Refresh objects on connection' option off.
    • Added the possibility to specify which database should be selected for a newly opened editor or tool: the database selected in DB Explorer or the one from the currently focused editor.
    • Query Builder | Color Palette options. Added the possibility to set colors for active and inactive table caption text (the 'Windows style of tables' should be turned off).
    • Global Shortcuts. Added shortcuts for the debugger.
  7. SQL Editor. Now after executing the 'BEGIN' SQL-statement the 'Commit' and 'Rollback' buttons become available in the toolbar and the navigation bar, even if using transactions is not turned on in the 'Database Registration Info' dialog. Also the confirmation of transaction ending will appear on closing the form (if it is not disabled on the 'Confirmations' tab of the 'Environment Options' dialog).
  8. Data Grid. Now it has become possible to select several cells and copy them to clipboard. To do this it is necessary to switch on the ‘Cell selection’ and ‘Row/cell multi-selection’ options on Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog.
  9. Duplicate Object wizard. Now when duplicating a table to another database the data copy statements are not added to the main table script, but are executed separately. This requires less memory.
  10. SQL editor.
    • Quick Code. It is possible to choose item in the Code Completion list with the 'Space' or with the 'TAB' key (optional).
    • The possibility to select the query text and choose the 'Export Data' dialog with the help of corresponding context menu item.
  11. Export Data as SQL Script, Extract Database. Now the last chosen charset is selected in the ‘Script destination‘ | ‘File charset’ field by default.
  12. SQL Editor. Query Plan.
    • Now the query execution plan can be displayed graphically if the 'Verbose' option is used.
    • The 'Operation info' is implemented as a separated text field now.
  13. Visual Options. Added the possibility to set Slants Kind property value for page controls.
  14. Some forms were sized incorrectly when the 'Medium' size was chosen for the 'Control Panel\Display | Size of All Items' Windows option. Fixed now.
  15. SQL Monitor. Now the log can be executed as a usual SQL-script: all the additional information is formatted as SQL-comments.
  16. Lots of other improvements and bug-fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software!