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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.2 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL - a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 5.2?

  1. Added support of new PostgreSQL 9.2 features:
    • Support of range types.
    • Support of SMALLSERIAL data type.
    • Support of privileges on data types.
    • Support of not validated и non-inheritable check constraints.
    • Support for renaming constraints.
    • Support of the SP-GiST index access method
    • Support of the security_barrier option for views
  2. Visual Database Designer.
    • Now views and functions can be added to a diagram.
    • Added the possibility to display attribute properties (optionality, keys, etc.) in parentheses after the attribute name and type.
    • Diagram print options are now saved in the diagram file.
    • Added the possibility to display diagram print margins.
    • Added the possibility to drag and drop schemes on the diagram.
    • When loading a diagram from the file the connection line position was not restored. Fixed now.
    • After loading a diagram and switching between diagram pages a value in the zoom field was not updated. Fixed now.
  3. Function Editor.
    • Added the possibility to check SQL syntax in the function body. Also the “Check syntax after compilation” option is added.
    • Added support of function configuration parameters.
    • When formatting a function body using Quick Code | Format, extra spaces appeared in the declarations of %rowtype and %type variables that caused a compilation error. Fixed now. 
  4. Backup Database wizard.
    • Added the possibility to connect to a server through an SSH-tunnel.
    • Sometimes in databases with large tables an error saying that pg_dump process did not answer occurred, though the execution itself continued as normal. Fixed now. 
  5. Restore Database wizard.
    • Added the possibility to connect to a server through an SSH-tunnel.
    • Added a progress bar when restoring data from an SQL file.
    • When restoring COPY commands with large datasets from SQL files, the "Out of memory» error occurred. Fixed now.
  6. Export/Import Data.
    • Now in most cases the exported data is not re-requested.
    • Some errors occurring during export/import operations are fixed now.
  7. SQL Editors.
    • Code Completion now allows you to select variable fields of composite and % rowtype types in the PL/pgSQL function body.
    • “Save file as” dialog. The last selected value of the “Don’t add ‘Byte-order-mark’ to Unicode files” option is now saved between sessions just as Charset.
  8. Function Debugger.
    • Added support of the RAISE EXCEPTION 'message' USING ERRCODE = 'XXXXX' statement.
    • Added support of USING expression in the OPEN CURSOR command.
    • Added support of Unicode strings.
  9. Change Management. Added support of VisualSVN Server.
  10. SQL Editor. Now the query execution time is displayed more accurately with no additional cost for the program. 
  11. Foreign Key Editor. Added support of foreign keys without validation (PostgreSQL 9.1 and higher). 
  12. Server status. Added the "Application name" column to the Connections list. 
  13. Data Frame.
    • When inserting data from a clipboard, geometry field data with uppercase characters in the field name could not be inserted. Fixed now.
    • When executing the "Set the value of | Set to the empty string" command, an extra space instead of an empty string was inserted for large varchar fields. Fixed now.
    • Filtering GUID values caused an error. Fixed now.
    • Editing XML fields on PostgreSQL version 9.0 and higher in some cases caused an error. Fixed now.
    • Blob View tab was not available for XML fields, if the data did not contain Blob fields of different types. Fixed now.
  14.   Database Explorer.
    • Database Tree. Now there are pseudo- and not defined types displayed in the Base Types branch.
    • Object name hints not fitting to width could not be displayed. Fixed now.
  15. Object Editor. Permissions tab. The “Grant All" option no longer assigns permissions to owner. 
  16. Extract Metadata. DROP statements were not written for Enum types. Fixed now. 
  17. Extensions. The program hung after installing PostGIS extensions. Fixed now.
  18. SQL Script. When executing the COPY command with large dataset from an SQL file, the "Out of memory" error occurred.
  19. HTML Report. In some cases national characters in object names were displayed incorrectly in the generated report. Fixed now.
  20. SQL Monitor. EventTime was displayed improperly. Fixed now.
  21. Save Settings Wizard. The settings of SQL Formatter, Global Shortcuts and Object Templates could not be saved. Fixed now.     
  22. Many other improvements and bugfixes. 

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.