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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL - a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 5.1?

  1. Added support of new PostgreSQL 9.1 features:
    • Support of collations.
    • Support of extensions (the Database Extensions tool in the Services main menu).
    • Support of view triggers.
    • Support of ALTER TYPE command for composite and ENUM types.
    • Support of unlogged tables.
  2. Backup Database wizard. Added the support of backups creation for PostgreSQL 9.1.
  3. Added the support of the column list for UPDATE triggers (PostgreSQL 9.0 and higher).
  4. Function debugger. Added the possibility to debug trigger functions.
  5. Function Editor.
    • Added the Ctrl+H shortcut to hide/display function header controls.
    • Added the possibility to quickly specify the returned void and trigger types.
    • Now in the form header for functions with multiple parameters, the parameter list is truncated to fit the information about the database and server as well.
    • Now in the Tools | Object Editors section of the Environment Options dialogue, it is possible to set the default values for the “Execute with definer's privileges” property for CREATE functions.
    • The Ref Cursor type is transferred to the standard type section in the selection list of the returned values now. 
    • The context menu items in the return table fields list were always disabled. Fixed now.
    • When performing any function in the editor, if setting some large absolute values for the BIGINT parameter, a value was passed into the function incorrectly. Fixed now.
    • When closing the function editor with a large number of parameters, the “Failed to create key XXX” error occurred. Fixed now.
    • Variables with the “< table field name >%type” were not displayed in the code completion list. Fixed now.
  6. Trigger Editor. Added the Ctrl+H shortcut to hide/display the trigger caption controls.
  7. Change Management. Added the support of Slik Subversion client. Also the support of CollabNet Subversion сlient for Subversion is added.
  8. Added the possibility to export table data into the file in many tools.
  9. Check Constraint Editor. Added the possibility to set comments for constraints.
  10. Foreign Key Editor. Now the form size can be changed.
  11. To-Do item Editor. When opening a form, the focus is set on the input text field now. Added the shortcut keys for switching to all input fields.
  12. Data Grid.
    • If while closing the form with the data grid, the record was only changed, but not posted, the program now asks to save/reset changes in the record.
    • The size of the numeric datatype fields with precision 15 or more was determined incorrectly - it was not allowed to enter large values. Fixed now.
  13. SQL Editor.
    • If with the disabled “Show the result for each query” option, there was a statement separator (;) next to a comment after the SELECT query text, the result was empty. Fixed now.
    • The Ctrl+N shortcut for adding a new query tab did not work. Fixed now.
    • When using the Azeri (Latin) locale some characters were displayed incorrectly. Fixed now.
    • With the enabled “Allow using parameters in the query text” option the rows with a colon in the comments were also considered as query parameters, and while executing the query, the values input dialogue appeared. Fixed now.
  14. Visual Database Designer.
    • After deleting a table from the diagram, saving and restarting the diagram, the deleted table appeared again. Fixed now.
    • In the “Floating windows environment” mode in some cases the diagram working area became inactive, it did not respond to mouse clicks and did not allow adding a table. Fixed now.
  15.   Query Builder.
    • Queries, having a statement in the parsing join condition, gave an error. Fixed now.
    • In the “Floating windows environment” mode after having moved the courser over some tabs, they were drawn incorrectly. Fixed now.
  16. Function debugger.
    • When debugging functions with separate CASE statements, an error occurred. Fixed now.
    • If outer and inner code blocks had variables with the same name, the displayed value of the variable was not changed when being transferred into the inner block. Fixed now.
    • In some cases when debugging functions that use the BIGINT variables, the "Overflow while converting variant of type (int64) into type (integer)" error occurred. Fixed now.
  17.   Server Status.
    • Even being disconnected from the server, the timer information continued to be updated, and each time an error occurred. Fixed now.
    • If after being disconnected, the server became available again, the connection was not restored even if pressing the “Refresh” button – the form had to be reopened. Fixed now.
  18. View Editor. The Dependency tab. In some cases not all dependencies were shown. Fixed now.
  19. Extract Database. In server version 8.2 and higher, in some cases the CREATE SEQUENCE statement followed the CREATE TABLE statement that used this sequence. Fixed now.
  20. Export as SQL script. When creating a non-PostgreSQL script, the INSERT statements were generated with errors. Fixed now.
  21. Create Table form. If the “Unique” option was specified for the filed, while saving the table this option was not included in the script and was not saved. Fixed now.
  22. User Manager. If the “Change management” option is switched on for the first database of the host, and there are no any connected databases of this host, when creating a new role and saving, an AV error occurred. Fixed now.
  23. Restore Database wizard. When restoring an SQL file with the CONNECT statement, an error occurred. Fixed now.
  24. Index Editor. When adding a new Index key from the context menu, the “Could not convert variant type (Null) into type (OleStr)” error occurred. Fixed now.
  25. Grant Manager.
    • Double-clicking on an empty field or on a grid header was interpreted as double-clicking on an active cell. Fixed now.
    • For the role, whose name was a substring of another rolename, the cumulative rights of these two roles were shown. Fixed now.
  26. Save Settings wizard. When saving keyboard templates to the file and restoring them on another PC, the templates with line brakes were not restored. Fixed now.
  27. DB Explorer. When registering a database in one program copy, this database also appeared in the tree of another opened copy, however its Change management settings were empty. Fixed now.
  28. Print Metadata. The page size in the template for A4 tables was incorrect. Fixed now.
  29. SQL Script. The type and object names of some SQL statements were determined incorrectly for being displayed in the Statements explorer.
  30. Vacuum Tables and Analyze Tables wizards. Even when selecting separate tables, the action was performed on all tables in the database. Fixed now.
  31. Other small improvements and bugfixes. 

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.