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PostgreSQL Manager 1.1 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 1.1?

1. Now PostgreSQL Manager supports the PostgreSQL server v7.3!

2. New fields appeared in some of the object editors for working with the server 7.3 databases:
 - Function Editor. The 'Is Cachable' option is gone, the new option 'Execute with definer's privileges' and the new switch 'Replace multiple calls with single on same arguments' added.
 - Type Editor. Boxes 'External Length', 'Send Function'and 'Receive Function' disappeared.
 - Operator Editor. New fields 'Less Than Operator', 'Greater Than Operator' and 'Support merge joins' added.
 - Language Editor. The 'Validation Function' drop-down list appeared.

3. Options 'Is Cachable' and 'Is Strict' in the Function Editor were renamed to 'Returns same result on same arguments' and 'Returns null on null input' respectively.

4. The array types, which names begin with '_' are excluded from the DB Explorer object tree.

5. Fixed bug with granting privileges for groups.

6. When 'Grant All' is performed in the Grant Manager, the Owner privilege is not granted, as it was in previous versions.

7. No error message appears now if on saving an index the 'Rollback' button is clicked.

8. Fixed error with decreasing of the connection speed if the database contains rules and triggers and system objects are not displayed.

9. Several improvements and small bugfixes.