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SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 4.5 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL - a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 4.5?

  1. Database Registration Info dialog.
    • Most of the options from the Grid | Data Options section of the Environment Options dialog can now be specified individually for each of the registered databases in the Database Registration Info dialog. The values specified in the Grid | Data Options section will be applied as default settings for newly registered databases.
    • The "Schema-organized database tree" option is added. Disabling this option results in creating the object tree without schema division.
    • Metadata and SQL Editor logs can now be saved in UNICODE or ANSI.
  2. Query Builder.
    • When a table is added into a query, its foreign key connections to other tables participating in this query are reflected by JOIN statements.
    • In some cases renaming a table and moving to the SQL tab resulted in the “Cannot bind JOIN expression” error. Fixed now.
  3. Function Editor
    • The results of functions returning cursor can now be viewed.
    • If the DOUBLE PRECISION argument value was set to “0”, the function execution led to the substitution of this value with “NULL”. Fixed now. 
  4. The Unicode support is implemented in function bodies, views, rules, check constraints, object description, field default values, domains, and in a number of object properties.
  5. DB Explorer.
    • Many PostgreSQL add-in objects are considered to be system objects and aren’t displayed in the DB Explorer tree if the ‘Show system objects’ option is disabled for the database.
    • The Find Object dialog is improved. 
    • The button for switching the search mode is added to the toolbar.
    • The possibility to reorder hosts using drag-and-drop is implemented.
    • The program saves the information about the last opened database before shutdown. When it is started next time, this database will be automatically selected in the DB Explorer tree.
    • Double-clicking the object group folds or unfolds it.
  6. Visual Database Designer. 
    • Tables are arranged more compactly in the reverse engineering mode.
    • Alignment options didn’t work if a diagram was opened from the file.
    • Some printers couldn’t print field and table icons. Fixed now.
  7. Data | Blob View. Added the XML tab allowing you to view BLOB field values as XML. 
  8. Data Grid. The method of work in the asynchronous mode is changed – the usage of a separate connection for each Data Grid makes it possible to perform simultaneous fetching without losing the ability to use other functions of the program.
  9. Extract Database, Export as SQL Script. Now the script is directly generated in the selected charset which reduces the script generation time.
  10. HTML Report. The possibility to change the font size for the DDL section is added.
  11. View and Rule Editors. When editing a view or rule, the SQL query is formatted with SQL Formatter. DDL of views no more contains extra brackets in expressions.
  12. Now a role can be set as an object owner (available for PostgreSQL version 8.1 and higher).
  13. Window List. The ‘Close All Database Windows’ command is implemented.
  14. Foreign Key Editor. Now there is a possibility to view or edit foreign key descriptions.
  15. The ‘Serial fields as integer’ option value is now taken into account not only in table DDL, but also in all cases when the field type is displayed.
  16. A new option was added to the Object Editors tab of Environment Options dialog. It allows you to define whether to split function options into several lines in DDL or to display all options in one line.
  17. Table Editor. Export Data, Import Data and Export as SQL Script wizards can be now accessed from the editor toolbar even if the data tab is not active.
  18. Save Settings wizard. Now when saving settings to the existing file, the program suggests you to overwrite the file or make the new file unique by adding the current date and time to the file name.
  19. Check Constraint Editor. Now the size of the editor window can be changed; it is also remembered for future launches.
  20. Data Grid. The mouse cursor color changes if the grid is not active.
  21. SQL Editor. Creation of queries with identical names was allowed. Fixed now.
  22. Code Parameters. 
    • Code parameters weren’t sometimes displayed for the second and further function arguments. Fixed now.
    • If several functions were created with the same names but different arguments, code parameters were shown only for one of these functions. Fixed now.
    • If the automatic display of code parameters was disabled, it was impossible to access parameters even with the Ctrl+Shift+Space shortcut. Fixed now.
  23. User-defined type arrays used to be displayed improperly in DDL. Fixed now.
  24. SQL Editor. 
    • Several errors concerning SQL code highlighting were fixed.
    • When saving data to file using any charset different from Unicode, further opening of the save dialogue would set charset to Unicode. Fixed now. 
  25. If an error occurred on saving an object while using HTTP tunneling, it was not displayed at the Changing Metadata window. This made possible to commit changes, though no changes were really made.
  26. Relations of composite and table types with other objects were not displayed in the Dependency Tree and at the Dependency tab. Fixed now.
  27. When editing or deleting a record containing polygon and/or point field, an error sometimes occurred. Fixed now.
  28. Function Debugger. Syntax error occurred on opening function with FOR … IN construction. Fixed now.
  29. Numeric fields of high precision used to be edited and displayed incorrectly in the data grid. Fixed now.
  30. SERIAL fields’ sequences values were not restored after reordering of columns. Fixed now.
  31. Editing money fields resulted in an error if PostgreSQL server parameters were set in a specific way. Fixed now.
  32. Database Properties. An error occurred on saving a database whose description contained the character “\”. Fixed now.
  33. Other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.