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SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 4.3 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 4.3?

  1. Support of new PostgreSQL 8.3 features:
    • support of ENUM data types
    • support of TSVECTOR, TSQUERY, XML and UUID types;
    • support of arrays of composite types;
    • support of index key sorting order (ASC, DESC; NULLS FIRST, NULLS LAST);
    • support of new PostgreSQL 8.3 statistic data (Database Statistics tool).
  2. Support of operator classes in index keys.
  3. DB Explorer. Composite types are now displayed as a separate node within the database objects tree.
  4. SQL Editor.
    • Unicode was not supported upon inputting parameters for queries containing parameters' declaration. Fixed now.
    • When working with several instances of SQL Editor, Favorite queries were not always saved correctly. Fixed now.
  5. SQL Editor, SQL Script Editor.
    • A number of functions now work faster.
    • For some statements code folding worked incorrectly; also, in DDL functions code folding is now used to collapse the entire function body.
    • The code completion list for table aliases was not opened if used at the end of the query. Fixed now.
    • The first word of the statement is now displayed in the collapsed code parts.
    • Keyboard templates do not trigger in comments any more.
    • The default schemas from the search_path configuration parameter are considered when applying the code completion and object links highlight.
  6. Import Data Wizard. 
    • The client encoding was not considered, therefore the 'Invalid byte sequence for encoding...' error occurred in some cases. Fixed now.
    • The 'Commit changes manually' option did not work. Fixed now.
  7. Data grid. 
    • Sub-levels based on a SQL query can now be edited in the Load All Rows mode as well, if the query is built by one table and contains key fields.
    • Upon insertion of text into a grid cell, pressing Shift-Ins resulted in duplicating field dialog. Fixed now.
    • Depending on the program settings, if a column name contained the dot (.) character, it was impossible to edit table data. Fixed.
  8. When deleting an index, the index name did not contain the schema name in the generated SQL statement. Fixed now.
  9. Export Data Wizard. When exporting results of queries of a certain type, the 'Parser: parse error at end of input' error used to occur. Fixed now.
  10. SQL Manager wizards. The databases configured for connection via SSH and HTTP were not displayed in database drop-down lists. Fixed now.
  11. When working with PostgreSQL 8.3, all triggers were displayed as disabled. Fixed now.
  12. Visual Options. The 'Menus show recently used commands first' option was not saved upon closing the application. Fixed now.
  13. Function Editor. The Ctrl-Ins and Ctrl-Del shortcuts are added for adding and removing parameters respectively.
  14. Create Database Wizard. At the Setting advanced database properties step only parameters that are applicable for the current server version are displayed now.
  15. Keyboard Templates. When using the Paste command in a template body, applying the template resulted in insertion of the first word only, instead of the insertion of entire text from the clipboard. Fixed now.
  16. Dependency Tree. If the tree building was interrupted, rebuilding was not initiated after subsequent selection of an object. Fixed now.
  17. Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.