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SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL released.

We are pleased to announce SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL - the new major version of the powerful PostgreSQL administration and development tool!

You can download SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL at: http://www.sqlmanager.net/products/postgresql/manager/download

You can purchase SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL at: http://www.sqlmanager.net/products/postgresql/manager/buy

If you are a registered user of  SQL Manager for PostgreSQL and you didn't receive the notification letter with upgrade instruction, please contact our Sales Department at: sales@sqlmanager.net

Upgrade to SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL

The upgrade fee will normally be 50% of the standard product price.

All customers who purchased SQL Manager for PostgreSQL within 60 days of the major upgrade release are eligible for a free major upgrade. However, there is a small fee for processing the upgrade request and generating a new registration key.

We would like to bring it to your attention that from this version on the EMS SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL is sold with Maintenance under EMS Software Maintenance Program (read full information on Maintenance at our Maintenance FAQ). One year of Maintenance is already included in EMS SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL for free!

What's new in SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL?

  1. Support of UTF8 data in SQL Editor, Query Builder, Grid View, Data Export/Import Wizard.
  2. Now you can continue working with SQL Manager while a query is being executed in SQL Editor or Query Builder or while table or view data are being loaded in the editor. A query taking too long to execute can be aborted when using PostgreSQL 8.0 and higher.
  3. New Database Statistics form added; it allows viewing various statistic information on database objects, helps to find weak points in database performance, indicates if it’s necessary to create new indices, etc. The corresponding options must be enabled in server configuration file (postgresql.conf.) for collecting statistics.
  4. All Wizards, including Data Export/Import, DB Extract, Copy DB wizards can now be run in the background mode, so that you could continue working with the program.
  5. New improved SQL Editor of the Visual Studio 2005 kind with Code Folding function and UNICODE support.
  6. Improved Data Import Wizard now allows to import data up to 10 times faster. New import formats have been added: HTML, XML Document, Open Document Format (OpenOffice), Open XML Format (MS Word 2007, MS Excel 2007).
  7. Support of new PostgreSQL 8.2 features is implemented:
    • FILLFACTOR parameter for tables and indices
    • CONNECT permission for databases
    • USAGE permission for sequences
    • ALTER TABLE [ NO ] INHERIT support
    • creating domains based on other domains
    • support of IF EXISTS clause in DROP operators of the Extract Database Wizard
    • reassigning ownership of all objects owned by a role
  8. Object editors now contain the Permissions tab which allows to grant permissions on the object for users and groups.
  9. Common SQL commands can now be generated from DB Explorer (Script to SQL Editor, Script to Clipboard). Now you can easily generate such SQL commands as CREATE, ALTER, DROP, SELECT etc for each database object.
  10. Now you can save your queries in the Favorite Queries folders in DB Explorer; these queries сan be stored either locally in the registry (nobody but you will have access to them) or in a special database table (then all or some of your db users will have access to it).
  11. Download File wizard has been added, which allows to download and upload files from/to PostgreSQL server machine using standard PostgreSQL functions and FTP/SFTP protocols.
  12. Improved Visual database designer; new object type - comments - is added. One can now choose whether only object names or fields should be displayed. Now it is possible to select schemas whose tables should be added to the diagram when performing Reverse Engineering.
  13. Improved Data Export Wizard now works faster. New export formats have been added: XML Document, Open Document Format (OpenOffice), Open XML Format (MS Word 2007, MS Excel 2007).
  14. Database Properties window has been added, which displays database options and allows to change some of them.
  15. Improved Table Editor. Now it is possible to view and change table properties on a new tab.
  16. Tasks menu is added in DB Explorer context menu. It contains common operations which can be performed on the object selected. Also hosts are now named in accordance with the selected connection type (SSH or HTTP tunneling).
  17. Improved report building system.
  18. Function Debugger. The variable that changed its value at the last step is displayed bold at the Debug Information window. The SQLSTATE and SQLERRM variables are also displayed now.
  19. Lots of other improvements and bug-fixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our software.