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EMS SQL Angel released!

New York, United States (October, 2012) – EMS Software Development, one of the leaders in database administration software development is pleased to announce the release of a new product EMS SQL Angel 1.0 – a revolutionary tool for SQL Server database administrators. It allows you to quickly set up backups and other maintenance tasks on the whole set of SQL Servers in your company. The detailed tasks performance is now under constant control, and in case any problems arise EMS SQL Angel will quickly detect and take measures to resolve issues.

“EMS SQL Angel does raise DBAs’ work to a higher level. Flexible mechanisms of templates and policies significantly save time on backup and maintenance tasks deployment. Monitoring costs are also reduced as EMS SQL Angel monitors all maintained servers and provides full information on the task progress. EMS SQL Angel gives you a single point of control”- said Vladimir Sokolov, President and CEO of EMS Software Development.

«EMS SQL Angel can drastically reduce backup execution time and storage costs. A unique backup compression mechanism helps you to greatly save disk space significantly reducing the backup execution time compared with native tools"- said Ivan Proshechkin, CTO of EMS Software Development.

Along with backup tasks EMS SQL Angel performs many other maintenance tasks such as: restoring backups, log shipping, re-indexing, updating statistics, shrinking databases and others. Most of the maintenance tasks now allow you to set up additional options that are not available in native administration tools. Regular execution of service tasks configured using EMS SQL Angel is key for the smooth and high-performance working of your SQL servers.

Prices and versions
EMS SQL Angel comes in two versions and works with SQL Server versions from 2000 to 2012.
A license for the professional version EMS SQL Angel Pro costs 650.00 USD
A license for the lite version EMS SQL Angel costs 325.00 USD

Main differences of SQL Angel from SQL Angel Pro version:

  • Unable to create log shipping tasks
  • Unable to encrypt backup files
  • Does not support BI and Enterprise SQL Server editions
  • Has only 1 compression level for backup instead of 4 

For more information about EMS SQL Angel visit: http://www.sqlmanager.net/products/mssql/angel

You can download the newest version of EMS SQL Angel from the download page.

About EMS
EMS (Electronic Microsystems) was founded in 1993 and specializes in producing high quality and rich functionality database administration tools and utility applications for data management. During its lifetime EMS has brought many innovations to the database management market, often setting the world standard for DBA tools. By incorporating unique features, EMS offers the developers practical and helpful tools to create and administer their applications effectively.