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MySQL Manager 3.0 for Windows released.
MySQL 5.0 full support, improved user interface, visual database designer, data management tools, HTTP tunneling and more...
Data Export and Data Import utilities 1.7 released.
A lot of bugs fixed and some improvements made...
MySQL Manager 1.4 for Linux released.
Improved the compatibility with different Linux versions, SSL connections...
New versions of Export, Import and Extract utilities for Linux released.
Improved the compatibility with different Linux versions and much more...
Database Query utilities 1.7 released.
Export the query results to Clipboard and much more...
MySQL Manager 2.8.5 for Windows released.
New form for creating tables and much more...
Database Comparison utilities 1.2.5 released.
PostgreSQL 8 support, other improvements and bug fixes...
MySQL Manager 2.8 for Windows released.
Now you can copy the table data, save your reports to different formats, and much more...
Database Query and Data Export utilities 1.6 released.
Now you can export data from the Database Query utilites using the Data Export utilities!
DataPump utilities 1.5 released.
Stripping whitespaces from end of strings, and much more...