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MySQL Manager 1.5 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.5?

1. New powerful and flexible user interface was applied to MySQL Manager. This new interface allows you to customize tool bar content (e.g. hide or move button, make button groups, etc.), show only recently used items in menu, customize menu's behaviour and other useful features. More over, the new dialogue was added, that allows you to select the visual scheme between two standard ones (XP-like or Classic), or customize it as you desire. The visual scheme includes the view style of bars, trees, lists, edit controls, check boxes and page controls, so you can totally change the way of how the application looks. All customizations will be saved for future use.

2. New powerful data grid was added in Data View. Now you can edit data just in the grid within powerful inplace editors.

3. Extract Metadata: extraction templates was added. Now you can save the frequently used extract configuration templates for future use or load previously saved ones. It is very useful when you use the Extract Metadata dialogue for backuping the dump of your databases.

4. The possibility of extracting the data for the BLOB fields was added. Now you can dump the table data with BLOB fields using Extract Metadata dialogue. Also this possibility was added to Export As INSERT statement dialogue.

5. SQL Script: Enable/Disable Parsing button was added to tool bar. This feature allows you to disable script text parsing when the script is too large (e.g. has BLOB data in INSERT statements).

6. DB Explorer: possibility of multiple object dropping and editing was added. Now you can quickly drop several objects from database using popup menu of the SQL Assistant. Simply select the objects in the list of SQL Assistant, right-click on selection and choose Delete item from the popup menu. You can also activate object editors within the same menu.

7. The possibility of dropping the system 'mysql' database is not allowed now via Drop Database menu item.

8. Fixed bug with viewing/editing the fields of DECIMAL type. Now the size of such fields will be displayed correctly.

9. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.