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MySQL Manager 3.4 for Windows released.

We are pleased to announce new version of MySQL Manager. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in MySQL Manager 3.4?

  1. 'Client Charset' option works for HTTP Tunneling connections now.
  2. Added ability to rename Views, Procedures and Functions.
  3. New 'SQL Filter' and 'SQL Sort' options added. Use these options when limited number of records is fetched in the grid. They allow filtering and sorting records through all the dataset records, instead of only fetched ones.
  4. 'Sort by Aliases' option is now considered for all lists of registered databases in the program.
  5. Modal Visual Query Builder form size is variable now.
  6. New option added in 'Environment Options' -> 'Table Editor': "Default storage engine for new tables".
  7. Incremental Search in field lists implemented.
  8. Table Editor. Now only table types supported by server are shown.
  9. When 'Enable floating toolbars' option was on it was possible to undock main menu, but it was impossible to get it back. Fixed now.
  10. Fixed error with reordering fields: data were copied incorrectly.
  11. Fixed the bug with displaying wrong size for unsigned decimal fields.
  12. 'Show Table Details' setting to 'DDL' now working fine.
  13. Now you can disable Delete record(s) confirmation.
  14. SQL Editor. Fixed the bug with positioning cursor when option "Show result for each query" is enabled.
  15. Fixed the bug with displaying unsigned BIGINT fields having values more than 9223372036854775807.
  16. Fixed the bug with modifying default TIMESTAMP field value to 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP'.