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SQL Manager for SQL Server v.2.6 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server version 2.6?

  1. SQL Script. Ability to execute selected statements and statements under cursor added.
  2. The identity field property can now be edited.
  3. Reorder Fields. Field order can now be changed no matter if the table has other dependent objects.
  4. Table Editor.
    • If Object Explorer is turned off, Table Editor opens quicker. Object Explorer can be disabled at the Object Editors tab of the Environment Options dialog.
    • Fields tab. The Identity column added.
  5. Extract Database. View triggers used to be extracted with empty bodies. Fixed now.
  6. SQL Editor, Query Builder, Procedure Editor. When executing a query asynchronously, CPU load could reach 100%. Fixed now.
  7. DDL of assemblies is now represented as binary code.
  8. Dependency Tree.
    • With the 'Show subobjects' option enabled the dependencies were displayed not quite correctly. Fixed now.
    • Objects icons were not printed. Fixed now.
  9. SQL Script.
    • The SQL Script window doesn’t close when disconnecting from a database.
    • Error list was not cleared when loading a file. Fixed now.
  10. Editor Options. The ability to set default colors added.
  11. Index Editor. When creating an index you need not specify the data space; the data space of the table is used by default.
  12. SQL Editor. When switching between queries the cursor and scrolling bar position were not saved. Fixed now.
  13. DDL Trigger Editor. A wrong script used to be generated when disabling/enabling an existing trigger. Fixed now.
  14. Data Grid. Mouse-wheel scrolling for the Form View is implemented.
  15. Visual Options. The 'Menus show recently used commands first' option added.
  16. Environment Options, DB Explorer tab. The 'Refresh object on showing in SQL Assistant' option is added.
  17. Add Grid Level. With the ‘Show tables related by foreign keys only’ mode on loading tables used to take much time on SQL Server 2005. Fixed now.
  18. It was impossible to create a TIMESTAMP field with NOT NULL restriction. Fixed now.
  19. To-Do List. On selecting a disconnected database in the list the ‘Invalid authorization specification’ error message used to appear. Fixed now.
  20. In some rare case when executing several queries simultaneously in asynchronous mode the Access Violation error used to appear. Fixed now.
  21. DB Explorer. A newly-created object was not listed in the 'Recent Objects' drop-down menu.
  22. View Editor. Triggers tab. If a view has more than one trigger, the type for a second and succeeding triggers used to be displayed incorrectly. Fixed now.
  23. Visual Database Designer. In some rare cases when opening a chart the ‘Could not convert variant of type (OleStr) into (Double)’ error occurred. Fixed now.
  24. Extract as SQL Script wizard. The values of DATETIME and binary types used to be returned incorrectly for the sql_variant fields. Fixed now.
  25. Data Import. When importing from DBF format the default values for the Boolean type were False and True (instead of required F and T), so it was necessary to change them for the proper ones while processing the data. Fixed now.
  26. The Changing Metadata window can now be closed with the Esc button applying no changes.
  27. Environment Options, Windows tab. The 'Number of open editors is restricted' option didn't work. Fixed now.
  28. Other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you'll enjoy our products.