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SQL Manager for SQL Server v. 2.5 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server version 2.5?

  1. Database Registration. The option that allows to skip refreshing objects on connection to database is added. It is highly recommended to use this option if your database contains many objects or if connection to the database is slow.
  2. SQL Editor, SQL Script, Procedure Editor. Information messages are displayed correctly now. (To enable message display switch on the appropriate options at the Tools and SQL Script tabs of the Environment Options dialog).
  3. French localization added.
  4. Grid.
    • Items that allow switching between grid tabs are added to context menu.
    • In some cases for the master-detail views related by decimal or money type field in the "Load all rows" mode the reсords were not displayed. Fixed now.
    • Filtering of datetime type data used to work incorrectly in SQL Filter mode. Fixed now.
    • "Word wrap in memo editor" option added (Environment Options | Grid | Advanced).
    • Formats set in Grid | Color & Formats were not applied to detail levels. Fixed now.
  5. Linked Servers. Now this feature works fine with SQL Server version 7.0.
  6. Export as SQL Script.
    • 'COMPUTED BY' fields were not excluded from INSERT of statements. Fixed now.
    • sql_variant type data were always represented as strings in the result script. Fixed now.
  7. CLR User-defined data types were not shown in DB Explorer tree. Fixed now.
  8. When duplicating a table with data into another database the TEXT and NTEXT type data were not сopied. Fixed now.
  9. When duplicating a procedure its name remained. Fixed now.
  10. DB Explorer. After adding an object into the project it did not appear at the project tab. Fixed now.
  11. Trigger Editor. In trigger DDL the comments preceding the CREATE TRIGGER statement were not displayed. Fixed now.
  12. SQL Editor. For queries returning more than one dataset the value of Fetched reсords is changed now in status bar on switching between the grid tabs.
  13. On executing a procedure with parameters, those of datetime type сontaining time part were not saved between the executions. Fixed now.
  14. Visual Database Designer. After resetting all toolbars and opening Visual Database Designer, the toolbar used to disappear from the form. Fixed now.
  15. The 'Reset all Toolbars and menus' command did not work properly for DB Explorer toolbar. Fixed now.
  16. Now it's possible to resize To-Do Item Editor window.
  17. Dependency Tree. The 'Save as image' button is now available at the navigation bar.
  18. When creating a table without enabling the Not Null option for the primary key, the option was not applied automatically, which caused wrong script generation and resulted in error on its execution. Fixed now.
  19. Other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you'll enjoy our products.