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DB Comparer version 2.2 released

We are pleased to announce new version of DB Comparer 2006 - the powerful tool for comparing SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and InterBase/Firebird databases and discovering differences in their structure.

What's new in DB Comparer 2006 version 2.2?

  1. The opportunity to connect through SSH/HTTP tunnel added.
  2. The ability to filter analyzed objects using regular expressions added. This allows to analyze only objects you need and increases the speed of comparing and analyzing processes.
  3. Visual representation of definition differences implemented. Now it is clearly understandable which lines of objects definitions differ.
  4. The 'Hide identical objects' option added. This option allows to hide identical objects in DB Tree.
  5. Large databases are now compared faster.
  6. Ability to refresh different types of objects separately implemented. This is helpful when you synchronize databases in step-by-step style.
  7. Toolbar with list of working windows is added to main window.
  8. The 'Synchronize databases after comparing in console mode' option added. This project option allows to run console application in synchronization mode by default (without defining /E option).
  9. The 'Fill Table View on load' option added. This option allows to increase the speed of comparing process and decrease memory usage.
  10. The ability to set the default directories for grid exports and reports storage added.
  11. No more delays occur while navigating DB Tree with large databases.
  12. Passwords were not saved correctly in some cases. Fixed now.
  13. Procedures were not compared correctly in some cases. Fixed now.
  14. Functions were not compared correctly in some cases. Fixed now.
  15. Sometimes an error occurred while refreshing databases. Fixed now.
  16. The ‘Group by schemas’ option added. This option allows to group objects in DB Tree by schema/owner (SQL Server).
  17. Procedures containing differences in their parameters were not synchronized correctly. Fixed now. (SQL Server).
  18. UDFs were compared incorrectly. Fixed now (SQL Server).
  19. The ability to compare two schemas (including the schemas of the same database) added (PostgreSQL).
  20. Functions containing differences in their return types were not synchronized correctly. Fixed now (PostgreSQL).
  21. Altering procedures scripts were generated incorrectly. Fixed now (IB/FB).
  22. Views were compared with error. Fixed now (IB/FB).
  23. Other minor improvements and small bug-fixes.

You can download EMS DB Comparer 2006 from the following links:

DB Comparer 2006 for MySQL:

DB Comparer 2006 for PostgreSQL:

DB Comparer 2006 for SQL Server:

DB Comparer 2006 for InterBase/Firebird:

We hope you'll enjoy working with our products.