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SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server ver. 2.4 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server version 2.4?

  1. Export as SQL Script. Now you can specify DBMS server for which the script should be generated.
  2. BLOB Editor now supports BINARY and VARBINARY field types.
  3. Linked Servers. Now you can see the tables and views a linked server contains.
  4. Extract Database. Now in target script views and procedures are arranged in accordance with the object dependencies.
  5. DB Explorer.
    • The 'Add to Projects' command is added. Now objects can be added by specifying them in the corresponding dialog, and not only by dragging into Projects folder.
    • When duplicating an object into another schema for some objects its definition used to change incorrectly in DDL generated. Fixed now.
  6. Grid.
    • The 'Expand All' and 'Collapse All' context menu items added.
    • The 'Save column sorting' option is added for the 'Save and restore layout' mode.
  7. Grant Manager. Now User Editor and Role Editor can be called directly from this window.
  8. Naming Rules. XML index support implemented.
  9. CPU usage significantly decreased.
  10. For the fields allowing NULL value the Null sign is indicated in table definition now.
  11. SQL Editor.
    • For the queries which allow data insert the ability to import data into the table implemented.
    • The Code Completion tool didn't start automatically.
    • In some cases the Results tab was not displayed.
    • In some rare cases the Range Check Error message appeared during the query execution.
    • Opening object editor with the Ctrl+Enter shortcut used to ignore its scheme.
    • The Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcut for pointing out the corresponding item in DB Explorer tree worked incorrectly.
    • The Code Completion tool used to work incorrectly with [ and ] symbols. Fixed now.
    • After dragging objects from DB Explorer to SQL Editor in some rare cases the Undo command worked improperly.
    • 'Select All' command didn't work correctly on text that had very long lines (more than 4096 symbols).
    These errors are fixed.
  12. Restore Database. It was impossible to use logical backup device containing SPACE symbols in its name. Fixed now.
  13. Job schedule, Daily frequency. Fixed the bug with improper handling of Daily frequency control (minutes used to be interpreted like hours and vice versa).
  14. Size and Scale for input parameter type could not be set when creating new partition functions. Fixed now.
  15. Table Editor, Data tab. Fixed the bug with incorrect displaying of the bit-typed fields in the 'SQL filter' mode.
  16. The dependencies were not displayed for XML schema collections. Fixed now.
  17. To avoid script errors the name of XML schema collection is always quoted now when creating an XML-typed field.
  18. Data Import wizard. When setting column correspondence for import from Excel, selecting a new column caused cursor to move to the first column in grid. Fixed now.
  19. Database Registration Info. When applying changes, the originality of database aliases used not to be checked. Fixed now.
  20. Visual Database Designer. Switching to another visual scheme didn't take any effect on context menu style. Fixed now.
  21. Many other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you'll enjoy our products.