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SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server ver. 2.2 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server version 2.2?

  1. SQL Editor. Query execution plan is now displayed as a graphical diagram.
  2. SQL Formatter. Formats SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries. (Available from SQL Editor context menu).
  3. Grid.
    • Now when pasting records from the clipboard, you can set correspondences between clipboard columns and query columns.
    • Form view. Memo fields editor is extended (can be customized in Grid > Advanced tab of Environment Options dialog).
    • Blob View. 'Word Wrap' option for text added.
    • 'Set to Empty String' and other similar operations do not result in posting records in the table any more.
  4. SQL Script.
    • Progress in script execution is now displayed and execution process can be stopped.
    • Several windows can now be opened simultaneously.
    • SQL Script used to hang when a large (>10Mb) script was edited and Enable Parsing was on. Fixed now.
    • Now some additional statement types can be parsed.
  5. SQL Editor.
    • Query execution plan can now work with SQL Server 2005.
    • Now there are no limitations for the size of edited scripts.
  6. Field Editor. Default constraints now can be renamed.
  7. DTS Packages. Now you can remove imported packages.
  8. Table Data. Not all the records added with the following COMMIT in "Use transactions in Data tab of object editors, SQL Editor and Query Builder" mode (Tools tab) were displayed. Fixed now.
  9. Extract Database. The following bugs are fixed:
    • With "Insert COMMIT after each block" option turned on, COMMIT was added but without corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION.
    • Empty not-NULL image fields used to be displayed incorrectly.
    • dbo name was missing when generating INSERT INTO [dbo].[table_name].
  10. Export as SQL Script. With "Insert COMMIT after each block" option turned on, COMMIT was added but without corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION. Fixed now.
  11. Dependency Tree. Wrong dependency order was shown for Assemblies, Aggregates, Partition Functions and Partition Schemas: main object used to be displayed after the dependent one. Fixed now.
  12. Visual Database Designer. Changing the table name and editing the fields does not affect the opened graphical diagram. Fixed now.
  13. Reorder Columns, Duplicate Table, Extract Metadata. The tables with timestamp/rowversion field are processed properly now.
  14. Switching program interface language took a long time if there were any databases connected. Fixed now.
  15. Database Properties. If "auto file growth" option was off for a DB file, it could not be turned on. Fixed now.
  16. Attach Database. The following bugs are fixed:
    • It was unable to set login and password using SQL Authentication.
    • File name field did not contain the button to call "Select File" dialog.
  17. UDF Editor. 'For new columns only' options are processed properly now.
  18. DB Explorer. The following bugs are fixed:
    • It was unable to duplicate triggers and indices
    • After dropping a trigger or index it was still displayed in the DB Explorer tree.
  19. Query Builder stores queries between sessions now.
  20. 'Don't fill server lists in connection forms' option is added. It bans retrieving information about all SQL servers available on the local network because in some rare cases it might take a long time.
  21. The Border of SQL Editor is now painted according to the current visual scheme.
  22. Procedure Editor. If the FLOAT type was specified for procedure parameter and had value equal to 0, it used to be processed as NULL. Fixed now.
  23. Restore DB > Select Backup Set. Sometimes due to the improper size of the dialog the directory tree was not seen. Fixed now.
  24. The needed documentation page did not open for some forms when pressing F1. Fixed now.
  25. Synonym Editor, Aggregate Editor. It was unable to create an object when <Default> scheme was selected because of wrong script generation. Fixed now.
  26. Create Database wizard. If log and data files had the same names when creating a database the log file was not created. Fixed now.
  27. Aggregate Editor.
    • if parameter doesn't contain "@" symbol it is added automatically now.
    • turning Max Size option on disables Size field now.
  28. Fixed the bug with the Code Completion dropdown list which could be partially covered with Windows Taskbar.
  29. On continuous holding F5 button to refresh the objects in DB Explorer they used to double. Fixed now.
  30. Table/Field Editor. Identity seed is now displayed properly for the values bigger than 65536.
  31. Check Editor. "Check existing data" option is not cleared anymore after compiling current check.
  32. After renaming the object its name was not refreshed in DB Explorer context menu. Fixed now.
  33. For some forms Refresh operation could not be made with F5 key. Fixed now.
  34. Other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you'll enjoy our products.