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SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server ver. 2.1 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server version 2.1?

  1. Partition functions and partition schemes are now supported.
  2. Added ability to work with linked servers.
  3. German localization is implemented (Michael Albrecht).
  4. Export/Import Wizard. In Templates drop-down menu "Save Current Settings as Default" and "Reset Saved Settings" options are added.
  5. New editor options added: Trim trailing spaces, Drag and drop text, Group undo, Keep caret horizontal position.
  6. Grid. Large queries were opening very slowly because the switch to Grid Mode Load All Rows was executed after the grid was filled. Fixed now.
  7. Export Data Wizard. Added Finish button that launches Wizard at any moment.
  8. Export as SQL script and Extract Database gave values of datetime type in the formats predefined in Windows settings, which sometimes caused execution errors. Fixed now.
  9. When creating CLR user-defined data type a correct script is generated now.
  10. Unicode data are now displayed correctly for the system language for non-Unicode programs.
  11. Object Editors. When pressing F5 in the subobjects lists Access Violation error occurred. Fixed now.
  12. Window List. Added Close window action into context menu.
  13. "Don't save query text" option available back in version 1.x of the program is now restored to SQL Editor.
  14. Grid. Adding level bound by several fields caused “Invalid column name” error. Fixed now.
  15. Save Settings. Multi-line keyboard templates were blank when imported from file. Fixed now.
  16. Keyboard templates. #Date tag gave the wrong date. Fixed now.
  17. Printing now works correctly in Aggregates, DDL Triggers, and Synonyms editors.
  18. Index editor. Clicking the header of selected fields list returned the Access violation error if the list was empty. Fixed now.
  19. SQL Script is now saved with any content of the editor.
  20. Allow parameters in SQL (Tools tab of Environment Options dialog) for open Query Builder and SQL Editor windows can now be activated. Also, when running queries asynchronously the values of parameters were not taken. Fixed now.
  21. Other small improvements and bugfixes.