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MS SQL Manager 1.8.5 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of MS SQL Manager. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.8.5?

  1. Support of SQL Server 2005.
  2. When error arose in SQL Editor or Changing Metadata window the cursor is placed to the proper place.
  3. Create Table. We have improved editing abilities in the fields' grid.
  4. Editor Options. Implemented 'Convert Tab character to spaces' option.
  5. SQL Editor. Implemented 'Don't save query text' option.
  6. SQL Editor. Appeared ability to reset current execution point - added the corresponding item in context menu.
  7. Table Editor. Confirmation request wasn't shown when deleting table subobjects even if the corresponding option was on.
  8. Query Builder. WHERE part was parsed incorrectly if there were several IN operators - the list was duplicated.
  9. Timeouts didn't work in SQL Script.
  10. Sometimes when disconnecting from a database, its objects refreshed if viewing table subobjects was off.
  11. Grid. Time value wasn't shown when trying to enter edit mode for datetime fields.
  12. When trying to open a procedure with number (e.g. proc;1) arose an error saying that the procedure was not found in the database.
  13. The program hanged when using keyboard templates if Windows clipboard had # (hash) symbol.
  14. To-Do List. Fixed the bug with a second copy of an item appeared when editing it.
  15. Table Editor, Dependency tab. Tables with foreign keys referring to the opened table weren't shown in the dependent objects list.
  16. If Clustered checkbox was off when creating an index, the keyword NONCLUSTERED wasn't added to script, which led to creating clustered primary key even if this option was off.
  17. Shortcuts for tabs didn't work. Now it is solved.
  18. Solved the problem with not restoring the state of the main form's window when running the program.
  19. It was impossible to edit fields having point (.) or 'on' word in their name.
  20. Code Completion didn't work with table aliases which had dollar sign ($) in their name, e.g. "TableName$".
  21. Editor Options. Decreased minimum possible value for Quick Code delay.
  22. Other small improvements and bugfixes.