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Database Comparison utilities 1.2.5 released.

Version 1.2.5 features and improvements:

1.PostgreSQL Comparer works with PostgreSQL server 8 now.

2.MS SQL Comparer. Procedures and functions with different bodies weren't distinguished by the program. Fixed now.

3.MS SQL Comparer. The new option 'Ignore spaces and linefeed chars' is added for procedures and user-defined functions.

4.MS SQL Comparer. The comparing process canceled if while refreshing views syntax error appeared. Problem is solved.

5.MS SQL Comparer. Sometimes, while analyzing database procedure, the internal errors interrupted comparing process. Fixed now.

6.Interbase Comparer. The error 'List Index is out of bounds' appeared sometimes while connecting to Interbase server 7.1. The bug is fixed.

7.MS SQL Comparer. While comparing databases which differ only in ROWGUID property of uniqueidentifier field, the 'No argument for format '%s'' error appears. Fixed now.

8.PostgreSQL Comparer. Index deleting error is corrected now.

9.MySQL Comparer. Script wasn't generated correctly for the UNSIGNED property field. The problem is solved.

11. Small improvements and bug fixes.