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MS SQL Manager 1.7 released.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.7?

1. We have implemented a new form for creating tables. Now it allows you to define all the table fields before table creation.

2. Import Wizard: We have added a possibility of defining an error log file name.

3. Backup/Restore. While working with large databases, operation was canceled by timeout in 30 seconds. Problem is solved.

4. Code Completion.

- Processor loading was raised after the window "code completion" had been opened in non-default localization. Fixed now.

- It bounced back to the top of the list after you started typing. The problem is solved.

- The view isn't canceled in case the space was entered or the cursor was moved after typing letter or number.The bug is fixed.

- The problem with re-opening code completion window after inserting the word is solved

5. Export As Insert: in float fields dot is used as a fractional part separator now.

6. The bug that caused only tree-choice of backup filename in case of using non-logical device is fixed now.

7. The wrong script was generated when Nou Null field with Unique limit and without default value had been added. Problem is solved.

8. After the field with unique non-constrained index had been changed, the wrong script was generated. The bug is fixed.

9. Available permissions was defined wrong for UDF. Problem is solved.

10. Edit login. The password can't be cleared. Fixed now.

11. Delete confirmation is requested now when deleting query pages.

12. Integer field changes (if field was not in edit mode) weren't correctly saved. Problem is solved.

13. The font size changes in Environment Options weren't spread at menu and toolbar. The bug is fixed.

14. The error "RecordIndex out of range" appearing when editing database file list is corrected now.

15. The Row Guid flag can't be changed for fields with type "uniqueidentifier". Fixed now.

16. Sometimes after upgrade to a new product version the language settings can be changed. Problem is solved.

17 Export to XML. If table field names contained spaces, the summary-file wouldn't open. The bug is fixed.

18. Changing metadata window: now the editor font is determined by the database properties instead of the previous default.

19. Other small improvements and bug fixes.