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Database Query utilities 1.5 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MS SQL Query, MySQL Query, DB2 Query, PostgreSQL Query, and InterBase/Firebird Query.

1. Now you can open an SQL or a diagram file without opening any windows. You can open a query or a diagram in any of previously opened windows, or in a new window using the Query -> Load menu item.

2. Now you can reopen all previously opened queries from the drop-down menu of the Database Explorer.

3. Now the program saves paths to recently saved/loaded files for each database.

4. This version of the program rebuilds Print View only if the query results have been changed.

5. We have implemented an ability to save the query diagram as an image file. There are two formats supported now: BMP and WMF.

8. MySQL Query now supports MySQL 4.1.1.

9. PostgreSQL Query now supports PostgreSQL 7.4.

10. Some small improvements and bug fixes:

  • We have added an indicator that shows if the query was changed or not to the status bar.
  • The status bar now displays a name of the saved or loaded SQL file or a diagram.
  • DB Explorer Tree: Now by double-clicking you can expand or collapse the database tree instead of creating a new query.
  • Now you can define a color for the Query Builder work area. You can customize a color for the work area on the Color Palette tab of the Environment Options dialog.
  • Fixed bug using Keyboard Templates.
  • Fixed bug with displaying the cursor position on the Edit tab.
  • Fixed bug with parsing JOIN statements like

        SELECT ....
          INNER JOIN Table1 Alias1 ON (Table1.id = Alias1.id)
          INNER JOIN Table1 Alias2 ON (Alias1.id = Alias2.id)