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MS SQL Manager 1.5 released.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.5?

1. We have implemented two new services - Backup Database and Restore Database. You can find these new tools through the Services menu.

2. Data Grid:

  • Now you can filter data in the 'Load Visible Rows' mode
  • Now the program exports only the filtered data

3. We have improved our reporting tools (Print Metadata and Print Data tabs of the program windows). We have added powerful filters for exporting data to different formats, such as XLS, RTF, HTML, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF.

4. Now the program compiles large procedures, views, user-defined functions, and triggers without losing spaces in the object body.

5. Now you can create fields with the Not Null option checked without any problems.

6. SQL Script: Fixed bug that caused the "Control 'tlMessages' has no parent window" error after successful compilation of the script.

7. Now the program correctly creates fields with the Collation and the Default parameters defined. The program also builds correct DDL for tables that contain fields with these parameters.

8. SQL Script: Now the program correctly saves scripts when pressing the Ctrl+S shortcut.

9. Fixed a bug that caused high processor load when typing text in the SQL Editor if the selected interface language differed from default.

10. Now the program correctly displays connection errors that appear when connecting to the database.

11. If the database contained two procedures where names differed only in case of their names, then the 'Index is out of bounds' error appeared. Now it is fixed.

12. We have fixed the 'Index is out of bounds' error that appeared when trying to create a job schedule.

13. If an operation caused many errors on the server, then the program returned the last one. Now the program returns all errors.

14. SQL Script: We have fixed a bug that caused incorrect word wrapping in the Messages window.

15. Fixed a bug with a button on the Form View tab that shows BLOB content.

16. View Editor: We have fixed a bug that sometimes caused the 'List index is out of bounds' error when switching between the Description and the Data tabs.

17. Extract Metadata: Now the program correctly extracts values of BIT fields.

18. Small improvements and bug fixes.