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MS SQL Manager 1.4 released.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.4?

1. We have implemented four new services: Jobs, Job History, Alerts, and Operators. These services are available through the respective items of the Services menu.

2. We have added Romanian localization to the installation package.

3. SQL Editor: Grid did not show results of any queries after executing query that returned empty dataset in asynchronous mode. Now it is fixed.

4. The 'Class Tcxbutton not found' error appeared when trying to open the Keyboard Templates dialog. We have fixed it.

5. SQL Editor: Fixed bug with displaying number of affected rows when executing queries in asynchronous mode.

6. SQL Script: The Rollback on Abort option works correctly now.

7. We have added the vertical scrollbar to the stored procedure parameters dialog. Now you can define the stored procedure parameters without any difficulties.

8. We have fixed the bug giving the 'Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing' error when refreshing query results.

9. We have fixed several bugs in the Code Insight system. Now the system correctly works with queries that contain aliases.

10. Export Data: Now the Export dialog automatically adds the file extension to the file name.

11. Now you can call the Replace dialog using the Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut in the SQL Editor window.