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Database Comparison utilities 1.2 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MS SQL Database Comparer, MySQL Database Comparer, PostgreSQL Database Comparer, and InterBase/Firebird Database Comparer.

1. We have implemented console versions of our database comparison utilities. Now you can schedule your database structure synchronization routine using our database utilities.

2. PostgreSQL Database Comparer now fully supports PostregSQL v7.4.

3. PostregSQL Comparer: Now you can compare the Next Value parameters in sequences.

4. Now Databases Comparers do not try to create a primary key if the table already has one. Utilities drop the existing primary key and create another one.

5. With this version you can compare and synchronize primary keys regardless of key names.

6. IB Comparer and MS SQL Comparer: Now you can use our tool to compare names of fields and field order in views. Check the Names of Fields and Order of Fields options on the Compare Options tab of the Environment Options dialog.

7. IB Comparer now supports Firebird v1.5.

8. Now you can view project properties without actually loading the project file - just open it while holding down the Shift key.

9. We have implemented synchronous scrolling in the Master Definition and Target Definition windows.

10. Now project files are associated with particular database comparison utilities.

11. Some small improvements and bug fixes.