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MS SQL Manager 1.3 released.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.3?

1. We have implemented the threaded query execution. Now you can stop the query execution at any time. To enable this feature check the "Asynchronous query execution" option on the "Tools" tab of the Environment Options dialog.

2. SQL Editor: Now you can view the query execution plans. You can view the plans by pressing the proper button on the SQL Editor toolbar, or by checking the "Explain Query" option on the SQL Editor tab of the Environment Options dialog.

3. Now grids automatically switch to the "Load Visible Rows" mode on opening queries with a large amount of result rows.

4. Now the DDL and the Extract Metadata Expert show object owners that differ from "dbo".

5. We have fixed a bug with stored procedure execution.

6. Now the "Refresh" item of the DB Explorer menu includes the type of object to refresh.

7. Now the table explorer correctly refreshes after deleting the table subobjects in the DB Explorer.

8. Some small improvements and bug fixes.