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MS SQL Manager 1.1 released.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.1?

1. We have implemented an opportunity to view dependencies between the database objects. This feature is accessible through the Dependencies tab of all Object Editors.

2. We have highly increased the connection speed. The newest version of MS SQL Manager connects to databases much faster than the previous one.

3. Now you can set almost all the database options through the Database Properties dialog.

4. We have implemented an ability to edit defaults and rules. Use the Default Editor and Rule Editor for this purpose.

5. Now object names containing unavailable symbols are enclosed in [] brackets.

6. Now text editors are displayed much faster than in the previous version.

7. Fixed bug with connection to database with SQL Authentication if the Password field wasn't empty.

8. The "Cannot sort a row of size XXXX, which is greater than the allowable maximum of 8094." message was appeared during connection to the database containing large objects. Now it is fixed.

9. Fixed error "Field 'sql2' not found" appeared on connection to the database containing large triggers.

10. The "Invalid column name 'Collation'" error appeared on connection to the database if the Collation property was set to case-sensitive value.

11. Now you need to confirm the record deletion on pressing the Delete key in the grids.

12. Fixed bug with displaying object comments.

13. The Login prompt before connection option in the Database Info dialog works properly now.

14. All windows with text editors are displayed correctly now.

15. Now View Editor generates correct update script if there is a comment before the view definition.

16. Small bugfixes and improvements.