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MS SQL Manager announced!

EMS MS SQL Manager is a powerful graphical tool for MicrosoftR SQL Server administration and development. It makes creating and editing MS SQL Server database objects easy and fast, and allows you to run SQL scripts, manage users and their privileges, build SQL queries visually, extract, print and search metadata, export data to 14 available formats and import them from most popular formats, view and edit BLOB fields, and many more...

Main MS SQL Manager features:

  • Easy management of all MS SQL objects: Creating/Dropping databases; Creating/Dropping/Altering tables, views, procedures, etc.;
  • Creating/Dropping/Altering all the table subobjects ;
  • Viewing/Editing data in tables;
  • Support of all MS SQL field types;
  • Multiple database connections;
  • Powerful Login Manager and Grant Manager;
  • SQL Editor with syntax highlight
  • Visual Query Builder;
  • Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor with several types of viewing BLOB data;  
  • Export data to 14 popular formats, including MS Access, Excel, RTF (Word), HTML, etc.;
  • Import Data from most popular formats, including MS Excel, Access, etc.;
  • Customizable program interface;
  • Detailed Help System and User's Guide;
  • And many more.

    We hope, you will like our new software.