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EMS SQL Adminstrator for SQL Server version 2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the new version of SQL Administrator for SQL Server . You can download the newest version of the software from the download page. 

What's new in SQL Administrator for SQL Server 2.0?

  1. Database Explorer is added: new tool for viewing information of database and databases objects and managing them.
  2. Database Explorer | database tab. Main information on the database state is displayed here, namely: values of its properties and options, dates and results of service tasks execution, location of the latest database backup, database size and growth, information on the files and latency at their access and many other. Clamant values are being lighted up. Here one can perform various actions with the database: make a backup, verify its integrity, refresh indices, create an object etc.
  3. Server Explorer | Server tab. Information volume concerning the server has been considerably increased. Now it is possible to create/edit/delete objects right here with no need for opening the appropriate tabs of the Server Explorer. For user’s convenience alarms can be browsed in the form of vertical grid.
  4. Server Explorer | Performance. Now all the most important information on the current server load is gathered here in the form of graphs and tables.
  5. New freeware version with limited features is released.
  6. Server Explorer | Maintenance. Now the date and the status of the last execution of each server maintenance task for all server databases are displayed here.
  7. New alarms have been added:
    - High Disk Transfer Latency
    - Low Page Life Expectancy
    - Databases in Restricted User Mode
    - Databases in Non-Online State
    - Errors in Server Error Log
  8. For WMI connection to server, which is used for receiving the system information and counter values, now one can set Windows login/password different from the current one.
  9. Statistics Collector. The following counters are also collected now:
    - Paging File. % Usage
    - Physical Disk. Avg. Disk sec/Read
    - Physical Disk. Avg. Disk sec/Write
    - Physical Disk. Disk Reads/sec
    - Physical Disk. Disk Writes/sec
    - SQL Server: Buffer Manager. Page life expectancy
    - SQL Server: Memory Manager. Memory Grants Pending
    - SQL Server: SQL Statistics. Batch Requests/sec
  10. Server Explorer | Server group tab. For more convenient data scanning the data is presented in the form of vertical grid. Here additional information on the servers is also displayed.
  11. User, Role, Application Role Editors. In addition to the possibility to browse and edit permissions of the given principal, there has appeared the possibility to set permissions for the given principal.
  12. Default size of objects editors has been enlarged.
  13. Server Explorer | Alarm Summary. The representative width has been limited, and other visual amendments have been made.
  14. Maintenance Plan Editor. Now it has become more convenient to create tasks for one and the same database - there is no need to open database picker dialog every time, databases from the previous tasks are added to the combobox.
  15. The height of popup menus for comboboxes has been increased – it used to be inconvenient to search the required element in the long list.
  16. Large number of other improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.