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SQL Manager for SQL Server version 4.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for SQL Server - a powerful tool for developing and administering MS SQL Server databases. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page. 

What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 4.1?

  1. Support of Azure SQL Database.
  2. Now when modifying an object, a window is marked with an asterisk (*) in the Windows Bar. The same is for files opened in SQL Script form, Visual Database Designer diagrams, etc.
  3. DB Explorer.
    - Type of field and nullability are now displayed in DB Explorer tree.
    - Favourite queries and scripts may be added into “Favourite Objects” folders.
  4. Data Grid. Now it has become possible to select several cells and copy them to clipboard. To do this it is necessary to switch on the ‘Cell selection’ and ‘Row/cell multi-selection’ options on Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog.
  5. Dependency Tree, Dependency tab in object editors. Now dependencies on external and dropped objects are shown (for SQL Server 2008 and higher).
  6. Export Data as SQL Script, Extract Database. Now in the field ‘Script destination | File charset’ the last charset saved is chosen.
  7. Restore Database wizard. Now the name of the restoring database is displayed in the form header.
  8. DDL Trigger Editor, Server Trigger Editor. Events are sorted in alphabetic order.
  9. SQL Monitor. Now parameter values, used at query/procedure run, are also displayed in the log.
  10. Data Grid.
    - If the fractional seconds precision of the time value in the field datetime2 exceeded three signs after decimal point, there used to arise an error at data opening. It is fixed now.
    - Default values for datetime types were displayed wrong when adding a new entry. It is fixed now.
    - Big values of bigint type used to be displayed in scientific notation. It is fixed now.
    - Data of the tinyint field was not sorted in the ‘Load Visible Rows’ grid mode. Fixed now.
  11. Login Editor. Refresh didn’t work in the User Mapping tab. Fixed now.
  12. SQL Editor. If you execute the query, and then disable the ‘Show Actual Execution Plan’ option, odd record set would display in the results for subsequent queries. Fixed now.
  13. Attach Database, Detach Database wizards. Some passwords were encoded wrong on saving the template. Fixed now.
  14. DB Explorer. If you enable the 'Sort by aliases' option table fields were sorted as well. Fixed now.
  15. At opening the Database Properties dialog for the disconnected database, the value of the database owner was not displayed. Fixed now.
  16. SQL Script. At saving the script was scrolled up to the beginning. Fixed now.
  17. A lot of other small improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.