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SQL Manager for SQL Server version 3.8 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for SQL Server - a powerful tool for developing and administering MS SQL Server databases. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 3.8?

  1. Added support of new SQL Server 2012 features:
    • Support of sequences.
    • Support of custom server roles.
    • Support of columnstore indexes.
    • Support of FileTables.
    • Support of contained databases.
  2. Added support of spatial indexes (SQL Server 2008 and higher).
  3. Login Editor. Added the possibility to set up permissions on logins and server roles.
  4. Role Editor.
    • Added the possibility to rename the role and define its description (SQL Server 2005 and higher).
    • Now when editing the application role, the following fields are available: “Confirm Password" and “Default Schema".
    • The definition is now displayed as CREATE ROLE statement and the modification script as ALTER ROLE (SQL Server 2005 and higher).
  5. DB Explorer. Now when pressing "Left", first the subnodes of the current node are collapsed, after pressing again the parent node is focused.
  6. Database Registration Info. OLE DB Provider. Added ability to select SQL Native Client 2008 to connect to the server. Also added the “Default” option, which allows connecting by the client corresponding to the Server version.
  7. BLOB view. Added the support of PNG images. 
  8. Table DDL. Added the “Show collation in table DDL only if it is different from database collation” option (Tools tab of the “Environment options” dialog).
  9. Database Properties. Added the ability to modify the following database options: Non-transactional access to FILESTREAM data, Directory name for FileTable data, Containment (all up to SQL Server 2012).
  10. Server Properties. Added the ability to modify the following server options: Filestream access level (SQL Server 2008 and higher), Database containment (SQL Server 2012), Compressed backups by default (SQL Server 2008 and higher), Max number of locks, Query wait.
  11. Editor Option. Quick Code. Now when pressing the space bar, the Code Completion list can be closed with the selected item input.
  12. Dependencies tab." Before displaying the dependencies of procedures, functions, and views, the dependencies on the server are refreshed by the sp_refreshsqlmodule procedure.
  13. Table Editor.
    • Now it is possible to set FileTable options when creating and deleting tables.
    • Data tab. After refreshing the corresponding button in the DB Navigator, the current record is not changed.
  14. Added the “Download User's Manuals and Languages” item to the Help menu.
  15. Now the Help file is opened in the selected language of the program..
  16. Query Builder.
    • Queries, having a statement in the parsing join condition, gave an error.
    • When calling the "Create View" option, the changes made in the Edit tab were not displayed in the view definition. Fixed now.
  17. View Editor. When changing an indexed view which contained multiple indexes, the index creation order in the generated script could be incorrect. Fixed now.
  18. When creating an SQL login, the "Enforce password policy"option value was not saved. Fixed now.
  19. If the directory name required quoting while rebuilding the full-text directory, an error occurred. Fixed now.
  20. Foreign Key Editor. If the foreign key name was automatically created by the server, saving the changes caused the "The foreign key is not found in the database" error. Fixed now.
  21. SQL Editor. When executing the SELECT query using the SQL Native Client, if there was a single-line comment before the WHERE clause, the empty data set was returned. Fixed now.
  22. UDT Editor. The negative and very large positive values were allowed to be input in the "Size/precision" and "Scale" fields. Fixed now.
  23. Some other improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.