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SQL Manager for SQL Server version 3.4 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager 2008 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 3.4?

  1. The following SQL Server 2008 feature is now supported:
    • Resource Governor.
  2. Support of 'FOR XML' clause in queries used to return results as XML instead of standard rowsets.
  3. Using macro is now possible in SQL Editor and SQL Script.
  4. Data View | Blob View: the XML tab has been added allowing to view XML data as a tree.
  5. The Unicode support is implemented in procedure/function bodies, views, triggers, check constraints, object description, field default values and in a number of other object properties.
  6. Grant Manager:
    • Support of database permissions for SQL Server 2005 and higher has been added.
    • Users and roles are now separated in the 'Privileges for' list.
    • Column permissions were not always displayed correctly: the higher-level object permissions were not considered. Fixed now. 
  7. Database Registration Info:
    • Most of the options from the Grid | Data Options section of the Environment Options dialog can now be specified individually for each of the registered databases in the Database Registration Info dialog. The values specified on the Grid | Data Options page will be applied as default settings for newly registered databases.
    • A possibility to select the OLE DB Provider: OLE DB Provider for SQL Server or SQL Native Client has been added.
    • Metadata and SQL Editor logs can now be saved in UNICODE or ANSI.
  8. SQL Editor:
    • After the USE Transact-SQL statement execution the name of the current database is displayed in the status bar area of the editor.
    • Several errors concerning syntax highlight have been fixed.
    • Several bugs concerning incorrect parsing of table aliases in queries have been fixed.
    • The Ctrl+Alt+C shortcut did not work for showing the list of fields of the table whose name was copied to clipboard. Fixed now.
    • The displayed number of affected records was not always correct. Fixed now.
  9. DB Explorer:
    • The Find Object dialog has been improved.
    • The possibility to execute procedures and user-defined functions directly from DB Explorer (through the context menu) has been added.
    • The program now saves the information about the last opened database before shutdown. When the application is started next time, this database will be automatically selected in the DB Explorer tree.
    • The button for switching search mode has been added to the Search Panel toolbar.
    • Double-clicking an object group node folds and unfolds its branch.
    • When adding a server object, only this new object was displayed in the tree if the branch had not been refreshed yet. Fixed now.
  10. Extract Database:
    • Now the script is directly generated in the selected charset, which reduces the script generation time.
    • With the 'Generate DROP statements' option enabled, odd statements for deleting table subobjects were generated. Fixed now.
  11. Export as SQL Script: now the script is directly generated in the selected charset, which reduces the script generation time.
  12. Visual Database Designer:
    • Tables are arranged more compactly in the reverse engineering mode.
    • Alignment options did not work when a diagram was loaded from a file. Fixed now.
  13. Options: the ability to apply default settings (to all or just to a separate category of options) has been implemented for all option dialogs.
  14. Windows List: the 'Close All Database Windows' command has been implemented.
  15. Data Grid: the method of work in asynchronous mode is changed - the usage of a separate connection for each Data Grid makes it possible to perform simultaneous fetching without losing the ability to use other functions of the program.
  16. Data Grid: the selected data record highlight changes when the focus is switched from the grid.
  17. Job Step Editor: support of the 'Write log to table' option and new subsystems of SQL Server 2008 have been added.
  18. Changes that take place upon table recreation are now written to the log of metadata changes: changing column identity, reordering columns.
  19. Save Settings wizard: now, when saving settings to an existing file, the program suggests overwriting the file or making the new file unique by adding the current date and time to the file name.
  20. Environment Options | Tools | SQL Server Reference: an option for SQL Server 2008 Books Online has been added.
  21. Full-Text Catalog Editor:
    • The data type value of a full-text index was not applied on saving the object. Fixed now.
    • When saving changes, pressing Cancel in the Changing Metadata window resulted in losing changes in the editor. Fixed now.
  22. The DDL of user-defined functions did not contain field comments of the returned table. Fixed now.
  23. Linked Servers: the content of the linked server was not displayed by the application if the provider did not support the information in the catalog. Fixed now.
  24. Partition Function Editor: milliseconds in threshold values of datetime type were not displayed. Fixed now.
  25. Export Data: when exporting data of type decimal with precision less than 15 digits, the numbers were rounded to the 4th decimal digit. Fixed now.
  26. Query Builder: the width of the Link Properties dialog was set incorrectly when running in Windows Vista. Fixed now.
  27. It was impossible to change object description if the object's description was an empty string. Fixed now.
  28. Role Editor: the 'Refresh' command did not work within the Member of tab. Fixed now.
  29. Field Editor: the 'Sparse' option could not be disabled for NOT NULL fields (in SQL Server 2008).
  30. It was impossible to turn off the database compatibility level warning on connection - the 'Do not ask me again' option value was not saved after closing the program.
  31. Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.