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SQL Manager for SQL Server version 3.3 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager 2008 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 3.3?

  1. The following SQL Server 2008 features are now supported:
    • Compressed Tables and Indexes.
    • Field and file group filestream.
    • Filtered indexes. 
    • Sparse Columns.
  2. Query Builder.
    • When a table is added into a query, its foreign key connections to other tables participating in this query are reflected by JOIN statements.
    • In some cases renaming a table and moving to the SQL tab resulted in the “Cannot bind JOIN expression” error. Fixed now. 
  3. DB Explorer.
    • The possibility to reorder hosts using drag-and-drop is implemented.
    • The User role and Application role objects now have different icons.
    • Pressing the Edit Object button or selecting the corresponding context menu item with multiple server object selection resulted in opening a single editor. Fixed now.
    • The warning that the database compatibility level is not maximized can be disabled now.
    • SQL Assistant. The Edit objects command didn’t work with server objects. Fixed now.
  4. Database Registration Info. The “Schema-organized database tree” option is added; disabling this option makes SQL Manager create the object tree without schema division.
  5. Database Properties. The information about the database owner is now available.
  6. The ability to edit the result of a query containing JOIN statements is implemented.
  7. The seed and increment parameters of the IDENTITY field can now be negative.
  8. Restore Database wizard. It is now possible to disconnect all users from the existing database when restoring it.
  9. HTML Report. The possibility to change font size for the DDL section is added.
  10. Changing metadata window can now be closed by pressing the ESC button.
  11. The Access Violation error appeared sometimes when deleting User-defined data type. Fixed now
  12. Queue Editor. If the Rollback operation was made in the Changing metadata window while editing a queue, all changes made in the Queue Editor disappeared. Fixed now.
  13. Database object comments containing national symbols were displayed improperly if their collation differed from the client machine default language. Fixed now. 
  14. Extract Database. Bugs concerning wrong statements order and incomplete object definition, and a number of others are fixed now.
  15. Code Completion window. Some system functions used to be duplicated in the list. Fixed now.
  16. Code Parameters. The list of parameters didn’t appear if the object name was put into square brackets. Fixed now.
  17. Visual Database Designer. Some printers couldn’t print field and table icons. Fixed now.
  18. Table Editor. The Property tab couldn’t be refreshed. Fixed now.
  19. An attempt to connect to SQL Server 2005 database with compatibility level 8 led to an error; contacts and routes were not refreshed in that case. Fixed now.
  20. If different languages that use different decimal separators were set at the first and the last tabs of Regional and Language options dialog (Start/Control panel), an error occurred when viewing tables with numeric data. Fixed now.
  21. Data Grid. An error occurred when editing data of the date format with month as text (e.g. dd-MMM-yyyy). Fixed now.
  22. Wrong shortcuts were displayed for a number of commands from the Quick Code context menu. Fixed now.
  23. Other small improvement and bugfixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.