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SQL Manager for SQL Server v.2.7 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server version 2.7?

  1. Database properties:
    • information about the database is now displayed: the size of the entire database, data, indexes, transaction log, etc.; the date of the recently performed full, differential, transaction log backup;
    • a possibility to rename the database added;
    • it is now possible to open this dialog for disconnected databases and for databases in the offline mode;
    • it has become possible to change the name and location of database files (the latter is applied to SQL Server 2005 only).
  2. DB Explorer: it is now possible to view brief table information in SQL Assistant.
  3. It is now possible to modify the schema/owner in object editors.
  4. Incremental search has been added to a number of object lists.
  5. Data Form View: for string fields of 80 or more characters in length an editor similar to that used for editing TEXT fields is added. Also the "Word wrap in string editor" option is added.
  6. Table Editor | Fields tab: the Data Type column now contains the basic type on which the current data type is based.
  7. SQL Editor: when several copies of SQL Editor are used and the content of one of them is being saved, the changes in the content of the other ones are also considered.
  8. Export data as SQL Script: you are now prompted to confirm the result file replacement if the file already exists.
  9. HTML Report: an error used to occur when building a report for SQL Server 2000 users ("Invalid object name sys.schemas"). Fixed now.
  10. Fixed the "List index out of bounds" error that occurred on Step 2 of Data Export Wizard with German localization applied.
  11. An error used to occur upon the attempt to add the IDENTITY field to an existing table. Fixed now.
  12. When working on Windows Vista, with Native Client installed and SQL authentication used, it was impossible to connect to the server. Corrected now.
  13. Trigger Editor: it was impossible to change the "Enabled" property for encrypted triggers when using the editor.
  14. In SQL Editor the name of the object was not displayed as a link when the default schema was not [dbo] for the current user and the name of the object of this schema did not contain the [dbo] schema name.
  15. Restore Database: there was an error when specifying the backup file on the selecting backup set to restore form (in the "Backup of database" mode). Fixed now.
  16. Extract Database: dependencies between Views and User-Defined Functions were not considered in the generated script. Corrected now.
  17. Data Grid: in the Load Visible Rows mode the Blank and the Non Blank filters did not work. Fixed now.
  18. After aligning windows, e.g. by title vertical, another object selection in the object editor caused changing the position and the size of the form. Fixed now.
  19. Visual Database Designer: the Primary keys that were created for several fields were not displayed. Fixed now.
  20. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.