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IB Manager 3.6 released.
Stored Procedure Debugger improvements, extended saving diagrams to images and much more...
IB Manager 3.5 released.
Saving designer diagrams as bitmaps, grid improvements and more...
IB Manager 3.4 released.
New trigger/stored procedure parser with FB 1.5 and IB 6.5/7.0 support and other improvements...
IB Manager 3.3 released.
IB 7 boolean support, export/import enhancements and other new features...
IB Manager 3.25 released.
Visual Database Designer customization, new features and bugfixes...
IB Manager 3.2 released.
Autogrants for procedures, triggers, and views, and many other improvements...
IB Manager 3.1 released.
Dutch localization, updated Query Builder, and other features and bugfixes...
IB Manager 3 released!
With this release we brought our product to a new level of effectiveness and flexibility, and gave it a new name - from now QuickDesk is called InterBase / FireBird Manager or IB Manager for short!
QuickDesk 2.9 released.
Import data from MS Access and a lot of other improvements/bugfixes...
QuickDesk 2.8 released.
New saving/restoring options system and other features and bugfixes...