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SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird version 5.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new version of SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird - a powerful tool for InterBase and Firebird administration and development. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird 5.1?

  1. Preliminary support of Firebird version 2.5.
  2. Host Registration.
    • The work with embedded servers is improved. Now you don’t need to copy files to the IB/FB Manager root folder, the server can be registered from any folder to which the server archive was unzipped.
    • Improved the Autodetect client library/security database path function.
  3. Database Registration.
    • The options are added which allow setting up Data Grid modes for each database.
    • The options concerned with transaction parameters are added to the Database Registration dialog which allows you to set them up for each database.
    • The ‘Sort by primary key’ option is added, which allows sorting data by the primary key on opening the Data Grid.
  4. Database Properties
    • The ability to change parameters of the database which is not currently connected is added.
    • Now you are able to set database buffer parameters.
    • Changing of the database dialect was applied only after the program restart. Fixed now.
  5. DB Explorer.
    • Context menu items concerned with launching additional server/database/object tools are placed into the Tasks submenu to reduce the context menu size.
    • Now you can call the debugger for procedures, triggers, DB triggers, as well as for Favorite Queries that contain scripts implicating debugging.
    • The button for switching the search mode is added to the toolbar.
    • When renaming a host which had several databases registered on and after restarting the program, the database structure displayed in the DB Explorer used to be incorrect. Fixed now.
  6. Table Editor.
    • New Table Editor form.
    • The ability to create external tables is added.
    • The ability to create global temporary tables is added.
    • The file name of the external tables used not to be displayed in the DDL. Fixed now.
  7. Procedure/Trigger/DB Trigger Editor.
    • The autocompletion function is implemented for parameters and variables.
    • During the compilation process the precision of all parameters and variables of the NUMERIC(x,y) and DECIMAL(x,y) types used to be reduced to the precision of the first parameter. Fixed now.
    • During the compilation process the NULL default value was lost. Fixed now.
    • Using the WEEK keyword in the script resulted in a precompiler error. Fixed now.
    • On attempt to compile a procedure containing the CREATE OR ALTER PROCEDURE statements the error occurred. Fixed now.
  8. Modal Object Editor. The modal editor windows are made resizable for the more convenient work.
  9. SQL Editor.
    • The ability to call debugger for scripts that implicate debugging is implemented.
    • The autocompletion function is implemented for parameters and variables of the scripts, procedures, triggers, DB triggers and the EXECUTE BLOCK constructions.
    • Usage of the FIRST keyword in a query resulted in an error. Fixed now.
    • Queries with string comments were not executed. Fixed now.
  10. Data Grid.
    • The method of work in the asynchronous mode is changed – the usage of a separate connection for each Data Grid allows to perform simultaneous fetching without losing the ability to use other functions of the program.
    • The synchronous mode now allows using the shared connection for all Data Grids, which is essential for the servers with the limited number of allowed connections and for the work with global temporary tables that remain actual within the connection context.
    • Sorting by primary key is performed optionally now.
  11. SQL Monitor. Refreshing a database with the opened SQL Monitor resulted in the program hanging. Fixed now.
  12. SQL Script.
    • The ability to execute scripts/procedures/DB triggers without the SET TERM construction is implemented.
    • The errors occurred during the script execution are fixed.
    • In some rare cases the script execution errors were not displayed. Fixed now.
  13. Table Altering Monitor is implemented within a separate thread, so that you can take advantages of other program functionalities when working with that tool.
  14. Extract Database.
    • DB journals can be extracted now. 
    • Conversion of the script to the selected character encoding occurs now during the extraction and not at the moment of saving to a file which reduces the script generation time.
    • Triggers used to be omitted when extracting the full database. Fixed now.
    • When extracting triggers, some of them were processed with empty bodies. Fixed now.
  15. Export as SQL Script. Conversion of the script to the selected charset occurs now during the extraction and not at the moment of saving to a file which reduces the script generation time.
  16. Debugger.
    • The ability to debug Favorite Queries that contain scripts implicating debugging is implemented.
    • The Watches tab is added which allows display parameter and variable values from different contexts in one window. 
    • The ability to delete/activate/deactivate all breakpoints at once is implemented.
  17. Options.
    • The options concerned with database settings are duplicated/moved to the Database Registration Info form, which allows setting them up for each database separately.
    • The ability to apply default settings (for all or just a separate category of options) is implemented for all option dialogs. 
    • The Templates form is revised. New templates are added.
    • The ability to save object templates is implemented.
    • The Save Options wizard saves data in a separate thread now, so that you can take advantages of other program functionalities when working with that tool (especially useful when many databases are registered).
  18. Visual Database Designer.
    • Virtual relations can be renamed now.
    • When opening a saved diagram containing virtual relations, those relations used to change their location as compared to the location at the moment of saving. Fixed now. 
  19. Many other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you'll enjoy working with our products!