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EMS SQL Management Studio released

We are pleased to announce the release of a new product that will replace our bundles - EMS SQL Management Studio! In order to meet the wishes of our customers we have released SQL Studio - a product that unites all must-have tools for database administration and development in one powerful and easy-to-use work environment. Whether you are a database or application developer, DBA or business analyst, EMS SQL Management Studio offers all essential tools to make you more productive than ever before!

EMS SQL Management Studio embraces the same tools that were included in EMS SQL Enterprise Bundle. However, EMS SQL Management Studio is a new product in its own right and outstrips the Bundle in many ways:

  1. Compared to Bundles, EMS SQL Management Studio offers some very important additional capabilities:
    • Handy launch of utilities and services
    • Storing all templates in a single repository
    • Common data source list for all services and utilities
    • Creating complicated tasks and scheduled tasks execution
    • Ability to run external applications from scheduler
    • Storing all task execution logs in one database
    • Creating customized notifications with a variety of delivery options
    • Ability to set visual interface style uniquely for all SQL Studio apps
    • Fast access to EMS Technical Support Service
  2. Unlike Bundles that were a simple set of utilities sold together, EMS SQL Management Studio is a separate multifunctional product with a single installation package, single interface to register all its components and a unified upgrade system for all its constituent modules.
  3. Finally, owning EMS SQL Management Studio is cheaper compared to owning a Bundle. SQL Studio price already includes one year Maintenance, which entitles its owner to receive all updates for free within this year, while Maintenance renewal will cost you as little as 20% to 30% of SQL Studio price annually. At the same time, a Bundle owner would need to purchase each upgrade for 50% of the corresponding product price.

What is EMS SQL Management Studio

EMS SQL Management Studio is a complete solution for database administration and development. With components that focus on all critical database management tasks, SQL Studio is a single workbench that provides you with must-have tools for administering databases and managing database objects as well as for database migration, extraction, data import, export and comparison. SQL Studio unites these tools in one powerful and easy-to-use environment that can work round the clock.

SQL Studio Benefits:
  • Database tasks take little time to launch, leaving you to focus on the result
  • With a single template repository your work with utilities is as simple as it gets
  • Flexible tasks result in massive time savings, doing all routine jobs for you
  • Task scheduling will automate your routine tasks
  • Notifications and alert e-mails will put you in control and help react fast
  • All logs are stored in one place, putting you totally in charge of all operations
  • Visual interface style is set uniquely for all applications the way you like
In-purchase benefits:
  • Acquiring a full set of must-have tools for only 50% of their regular price!
  • FREE One Year of Maintenance already included!
  • FREE software updates and upgrades during Maintenance period!
  • FREE and unlimited Technical Support during Maintenance period!
  • Reasonable pricing for Maintenance renewal – from 35% per Year!

How to switch to EMS SQL Management Studio

All registered EMS Software users can switch to SQL Management Studio according to our Upgrade-To-Studio Scheme.

EMS SQL Management Studio is available for the following SQL servers: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and InterBase/Firebird.
You can download EMS SQL Management Studio at: SQL Studio Download page
Trial version is fully functional. Trial period lasts 30 days.

We would like to bring it to your attention that SQL Studio becomes EMS first product sold with Maintenance under EMS Software Maintenance Program. One year of Maintenance is already included in SQL Studio for free!

You can read full information on Maintenance at our Maintenance FAQ.
Moreover, all registered users of our products can get a special discount on additional licenses for SQL Management Studio for any server (MySQL, PostgreSQL, IB/FB and SQL Server).

A notification e-mail with all the necessary upgrade instructions and a discount coupon code for additional licenses has been sent out to all our registered users. If you are a registered user of EMS products, but you haven’t received such an e-mail, please, contact our sales department at sales@sqlmanager.net

Hope you will enjoy working with our software!