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SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL ver. 3.7 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL version 3.7?

  1. Added support for Scheduled Events that appeared in MySQL ver. 5.1.6
  2. Export as SQL Script. Now you can choose for which DBMS server the script should be generated.
  3. SQL Editor.
    • Added the opportunity to rename and move the tabs.
    • The time of query execution now is shown in the format hh:mm:ss
    • Sometimes Range Check Error emerged in SQL Editor when executing a query. Fixed now.
    • Added opportunity to import data in a query if the latter supports data insertion.
  4. DB Explorer. 'Add to Projects' function is added. Now it's possible to add objects to the projects not only by dragging them, but also by choosing them in a form opened with the help of this command.
  5. HTTP tunnel now can work through HTTPS protocol.
  6. Now there is no need to connect to a database in DB Explorer when using Services.
  7. Added support of NDBCluster and BlackHole storage engines.
  8. The character sets and collations list for Create Database Wizard has been updated.
  9. The size and location of new objects editor windows (new procedure, new function, etc.) are now saved.
  10. Grid. The Expand All and Collapse All options are added to the context menu.
  11. The control location in toolbars remains now after a newer version of the program is installed. One can reset toolbars and menu using the corresponding command in the Windows menu or the button in the Environment Options dialog.
  12. Visual Database Designer. Context menu style did not change in correspondence with the current visual scheme. Fixed now.
  13. Fixed the considerable processor loading (CPU usage 90%) when using the program together with some other applications.
  14. Definitions for views and triggers were truncated to 8K. Fixed now.
  15. Table Editor. The truncate table works all right now.
  16. Sum() type calculated fields were considered as string in queries. Fixed now.
  17. Wrong formatting of the view body with fields like concat(ucase(`staff`.`pref_surname`), ', ', `staff`.`pref_name`) AS `person`.
  18. Unique were refreshed wrong for the fields, which resulted in an error during fields reorder. Fixed now.
  19. Fixed the error that appeared while editing indexes like UNIQUE KEY `name` (`surname`(5),`name`,`patronymic`).
  20. When adding a new report through Create Report Wizard, an error emerged in some server versions. Fixed now.
  21. Fixed the error that appeared while getting default fields values for BIT fields.
  22. Function Editor returned NULL result as empty string. Fixed now.
  23. Window size and location were not saved. Fixed now.
  24. Database Registration Information. While saving data, the uniqueness of database aliases was not checked. Fixed now.
  25. Grouping in Table Editor worked incorrectly under certain settings. Fixed now.
  26. Access violation error emerged when setting a filter for the text field. Fixed now.
  27. The 'Help' option in Report Designer did not work. Fixed now.
  28. Some non-Latin characters were shown incorrectly in the EMS Direct window. Fixed now.
  29. The connect dialog asked twice for Server Properties. Fixed now.
  30. Naming Rules were not saved after closing the program. Fixed now.
  31. Restore Service gave an error when choosing Non-registered database. Fixed now.
  32. Query Builder. After query text editing on the Edit and Create View tabs, it used the old query from the Builder tab. Fixed now.
  33. Other minor improvements and bugfixes.