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SQL Manager 2005 for InterBase/Firebird ver. 4.2 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for InterBase/Firebird. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for InterBase/Firebird version 4.2?

  1. German localization added.
  2. SQL Editor. Key Mapping is implemented to set the shortcuts for various commands/operations according to your needs.
  3. Query Builder. Query execution plan is now displayed as a graphical diagram.
  4. Dependency Tree. The diagram can now be printed.
  5. Ability to call Database Registration Wizard from SQL Script for the databases created is implemented.
  6. SQL Editor.
    • Next Bookmark, Previous Bookmark context menu items added.
    • In some rare cases, an attempt to use Code Complete tool with 'Trim trailing spaces' option on, cleared all the line with 'Trim trailing spaces' option on. Fixed now.
    • Dragging the field names from SQL Assistant works perfectly now.
  7. SQL Editor. Ability to execute statement under cursor added.
  8. Visual Database Designer. The Drop Table context menu item worked incorrectly if the field, not the table itself, was selected. Fixed now.
  9. Import Data wizard.
    • Now with the 'Commit changes manually' option switched on at the end of import you will be prompted for an action with transaction.
    • Ability to resize wizard's window added.
    • On setting format for fields to import, the 'Generator Value' and 'Constant Value' options used to be ignored. Fixed now.
    • Having specified user-defined fields to import, the rest of them were filled with empty strings; so that default values defined for the fields were not applied. Fixed now.
  10. HTML Report. Ability to change header/footer of the report is added.
  11. SQL Script. Abort executing script confirmation is added.
  12. DB Explorer. The context menu didn't hide when switching to another application. Fixed now.
  13. Table Editor. The lines exceeding 32 symbols were truncated when exporting lists of subobjects. Fixed now.
  14. Procedure and Trigger Editor. Parameters or variables deleted in editor window used to reappear in trigger/procedure body after compilation. Fixed now.
  15. On attempt to execute a query or procedure with Date, Timestamp, Time typed parameters, the Conversion Error message appeared. Fixed now.
  16. When creating a report its components working with data used only default client library, so that in some rare cases it was impossible to open reports working with the database on a local host. Fixed now.
  17. Most memory leaks fixed.
  18. SQL Script. The ability to re-execute the script which finished with errors added.
  19. When editing the data containing fields with NULL values, changed data used to restore their previous values after commit. Fixed now.
  20. Other small improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you'll enjoy our products.