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SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server ver.2.0.5 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server version 2.0.5?

  1. When closing the program it gave a number of errors if no other programs were running. The bug is fixed.
  2. Field default values are displayed correctly now when working with SQL Server 2005.
  3. SQL Editor.
    • Text search didn’t work when called through editor context menu.
    • Sometimes Limit bar was displayed for grid.
    • Code Completion across databases didn’t work by table alias with owner (schema) not specified.
    • Code Completion by table aliases didn’t work after 10-15 table lines down the text.
    • When adding new tab and trying to delete a row, Access Violation error emerged.
    The bugs are fixed.
  4. Database Registration Info. Display Options weren’t saved after closing/starting the program. Fixed now.
  5. Now the size of stored procedure and UDF parameters is shown correctly.
  6. SQL Script. Access Violation error arose when opening Code Completion if there were no connected databases. The bug is fixed.
  7. DB Explorer. Now the parameter information of some stored procedures types is displayed correctly in SQL Assistant.
  8. Grid. Filtering by value that had an apostrophe (‘) character wasn't functioning. Fixed now.