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SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL ver.3.5 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL version 3.5?

  1. Triggers support implemented.
  2. Visual Query Builder.
    • Support of subqueries and UNION joins.
    • Ability to create INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements.
  3. Now the program notifies itself of new versions released and updates the needed files when SQL Manager Direct is enabled to automatic update.
  4. Now you can write comments for table columns.
  5. Extract Database.
    • Set Names option implemented.
    • Drop If Exists option for views, procedures ad functions implemented.
  6. Truncate Table option now available from DB Explorer popup menu.
  7. Ability to edit data using Latin2 charset.
  8. SQL Script. Now comments like /*!40102 */ are taken into consideration while executing SQL Scripts on different server versions.
  9. Now you can define database and table name when creating Foreign Key from the Foreign Key Editor.
  10. Ability to rename foreign keys is implemented now.
  11. Grid View. Fixed bug with incorrect setting default value for timestamp fields if it equal to current_timestamp.
  12. SQL Editor. Fixed bug with lose of SQL statements formatting when creating procedures, functions and triggers.
  13. Now zero date values ('0000-00-00') are shown correctly in the Grid View and the Export as SQL Script tools.
  14. Copy Database. Fixed bug with creating new database.
  15. Now DB Explorer keeps the order of object type nodes when Sort By Aliases option is set.
  16. Visual Database Designer. Now reverse engineering function correctly percieves foreign keys for the tables named using uppercase symbols when lower_case_table_names=0
  17. Field Editor. Fixed bug with ignoring of the Use Dimension option.
  18. Grid View. There was incorrect displaying of data for the fields of types like float(12,2) when working through HTTP Tunneling.
  19. Now Tables Details -> Show DDL option works correctly.
  20. Other minor improvements and bugfixes.