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IB/FB Manager 3.9.5 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of InterBase/FireBird Manager. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in IB Manager 3.9.5?

  1. BLOB Editor. Added horisontal and vertical scrollers in the text view.
  2. Added more national character sets in the database creation window and the database properties form.
  3. Improved localization files.
  4. Added ability to fill newly created NOT NULL field with values of another field.
  5. Added ability to display priviledges granted to the object at the DDL tab.
  6. Now database error messages appear to be more informative. Now database error numbers is displayed in addition to the message texts.
  7. Stored Procedures Debugger. Fixed error when working with data of TIME datatype.
  8. Visual Database Designer. It was impossible to save large database diagram as image (jpg, bmp, gif ...). Fixed now.
  9. Search in Metadata. While searching in large or remote databases the manager hung up. Fixed now.
  10. When loosing connection to the database it remained opened in the program. Fixed now.
  11. Fixed error with displaying views, created with CHECK OPTION.
  12. Fixed error when changing database in the Script Editor.
  13. Fixed error when creating index with the name in lowercase for dialect 1 database.
  14. Other small improvements.