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PostgreSQL Manager 3.2 for Windows released.

We are pleased to announce new version of PostgreSQL Manager for Windows. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 3.2?

  1. Visual Query Builder.
    • Support of subqueries and UNION joins.
    • Ability to create INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements.
  2. Grid. 'SQL Filter' option added. Use 'SQL Filter' and 'SQL Sort' options when limited number of records is fetched in the grid. They allow filtering and sorting records through all the dataset records, instead of only fetched ones.
  3. Function Debugger. Value of a variable couldn’t be changed. Fixed now.
  4. When deleting subobject from table or view, there was no query for confirmation the operation. Fixed now.
  5. 'Sort by Aliases' option is now considered for all lists of registered databases in the program.
  6. Reading database metadata is implemented without using transactions.
  7. Extract Metadata.
    • Extracting data from big tables was slow and sometimes caused “Out of memory” error. Fixed now.
    • Named argument functions weren’t shown after extracting selected functions. Fixed now.
    • While extracting tables WITHOUT OIDS and TABLESPACE keywords weren’t in necessary order. Fixed now.
  8. Print Metadata.
    • Field types weren’t shown on table printing. Fixed now.
    • Primary keys, which consist of several columns, are shown now in PK column.
  9. 'Serial fields as integer in DDL' option is added.
  10. Modal Visual Query Builder form size is variable now.
  11. Now you can disable deleting records confirmation.
  12. HTML Report. Semicolon is added to tag '<&nbsp;>: <&nbsp;>'
  13. SQL Script. When executing script from file, file was uploaded to memory and then was executed. It wasn't work with big files. Now script is executed directly from file.
  14. SQL Editor. After deleting query, “save to file” might overwrite saved file.
  15. Field Editor. Code Completion window of default value editor wasn’t closed after moving focus to another control. Fixed now.
  16. Sequence Editor. Backspace button did not work in the “Next value” field. Fixed now.
  17. Grant Manager. After changing object type filter, current position wasn’t saved. Fixed now.
  18. Program minimization wasn't work if the program was closed in minimized state.
  19. Field Editor. After entering big number in the "Number of array dimensions" field program was failed.
  20. Other small improvements and bugfixes.