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MySQL Manager 1.05 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.05?

1. DB Explorer: the "Recent" page was added. Now you can easily access the most recent object's editors within current session. Simply switch to this page, and you'll get the list of objects in order of last access to them. You can limit the maximal number of recent objects by specifying the "Recent objects count" option at Environment Options->Tools.

2. SQL Editor: possibility of multiple queries execution was added. Now you can execute several queries per single query page. Take notice of the "Environment Options->Tools->SQL Editor->Show result for each query" option. When this option is enabled an execution will stop after each query that returns the result (such as Select, Show, etc.). To continue an execution just click again an Execute button on the toolbar or press F9 key. When the "Show result..." option is disabled, only result for the last query will be shown.

3. SQL Editor: "Save all queries" feature was added. Just click specified button from toolbar to save queries from all pages of SQL Editor to single file.

4. Data View: possibility of multirow select was added. To delete more than one row from a table you can select a set of rows by clicking on indicator of a grid with the Shift or Control key down and then delete selected rows as if it was a single row. Such way can also be used to set value of the cell to NULL in several rows at once.

5. User variables are properly supported now. Because of a bug, which is fixed now, it was impossible to set user variables in SQL Editor and SQL Script.

6. Tables could not been restored by Restore Tables wizard indepently of the MySQL server version. Even if MySQL server supports RESTORE TABLE command, an error 'This service is not supported...' was occured. Now this bug is fixed.

7. Fixed bug with DATE and DATETIME fields editing. An error 'Failed to set calendar date or time' doesn't occurs anymore.

8. Handling of transaction-safe-tables now became more stable. The bug with periodical hang-ups during update such tables (especially of BerkeleyDB type) have been found and fixed.

9. Fixed bug with data wipe-out after reorder table's fields.

10. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.