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MySQL Manager 3.3 for Windows released.

We are pleased to announce new version of MySQL Manager. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in MySQL Manager 3.3?

  1. MySQL 5.0.6 support.
  2. Procedure Editor: added ability to execute stored procedures and functions.
  3. Code Insight: Now supports aliases, shows field types and view fields.
  4. Table Editor: Truncate table feature is added.
  5. Query Builder.
    • Implemented ability to select types of objects shown in the list and to sort them;
    • Now it's possible to create view based on the query.
  6. Save Data Wizard added. It complements Load Data Wizard and uses 'SELECT INTO ... OUTFILE' MySQL command for quick exporting table data or query to a text file.
  7. Now you can edit view in the View Editor using Query Builder tool.
  8. SQL Editor. Added ability to show query results on the same tab with the query text.
  9. Grant Manager.
    • Added ability to rename users;
    • Stored procedures and functions support;
    • Increased performance.
  10. Added ability to check views within Check Tables Wizard.
  11. BLOB Editor.
    • Now you can view and edit blob fields with no need to open a separate window.
    • Ability to print memo and html BLOB data added.
  12. HTML Report tool has been replaced with a more user-friendly HTML Report Wizard.
  13. DB Explorer. Now you can hide certain types of objects.
  14. Implemented ability to commit or rollback current transaction. You can switch it off from Environment Options dialog.
  15. Fixed bugs with reordering columns.
  16. BINARY, VARBINARY, BIT field types support.
  17. SQL Editor. Bug with executing CALL PROCEDURE command: "SELECT in a stored procedure must have INTO" is fixed now.
  18. Data Import from Access. Fixed bug when loading from template: fields map wasn't loaded.
  19. Data Import Wizard and Load Data Wizard. After loading of large amount of records, program might hang for a while. Fixed now.
  20. Other minor improvements and bugfixes.