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MySQL Manager 0.95 released.

In this version:

1. MySQL server of version 3.22.xx is now supported! Now you can work with previous version of MySQL server using almost all features of EMS MySQL Manager.

2. ALL EDITORS: Hyperlinks were added to all editor windows, such as SQL Script or SQL Editor. Now you can easily jump to any object of the current database just from SQL text by pressing Ctrl+Enter or mouse left button with holding a Control key on a hyperlinking object name.

3. ADD COLUMN dialogue: Insert Mode was added. Now you can add column to the table in three modes: insert last, insert first and insert after specified column.

4. SQL EDITOR: Explain Query feature is now available. Check the Explain Queries option is in Options->Environment options->Tools->SQL Editor to activate Explain mode.

5. Possibilities of Ping and Shutdown of MySQL server were added to the Service menu.

6. A few small improvements and minor bugfixes.