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QuickDesk 2.8 released.

What's new in QuickDesk 2.8?

1. QuickDesk's saving/restoring options system was completely rewritten. Now QuickDesk stores all the parameters in the Windows registry. Due to this fact some new features and bugfixes are now available:


- Now QuickDesk works fine even if the user has no Windows admin rights (actually we have successfully tested our software even under GUEST account)


- There are no more problems with a terrible "Stream read error" message. You will never get it anymore.


- There is no restriction for the number of QuickDesk copies, running simultaneously: you can start two, three, four and more QuickDesk copies at the same time. However it's possible to disable this feature: please see the "Preferences" page in the Environment Options dialog.


- All queries in the SQL Editor are numbered correctly now.


2. The new "Save Settings" wizard is implemented. Now it's very easy to save all the QuickDesk options (or some of them) to a .reg file. After that you can restore all the QuickDesk settings (registered databases, query history, project information, plugins information, etc) on another computer through one mouse click.


3. The "Test Data Generator" plugin is successfully improved. Now it works fine with all InterBase/FireBird data types. Moreover, this plugin now available in sources so you can use that code to develop your own plugins.

4. A lot of improvements/bugfixes in the Backup/Restore Database wizards, Export/Import wizards (*), Domain Editor, Blob Editor (*), SQL Editor, SQL Builder (*), Visual Database Designer (*) and in other modules. Get the new version right now and check it all out yourself!

(*) -- Professional Edition only