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MS SQL Manager 1.8 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of MS SQL Manager. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.8?

1. We have implemented the possibility to autogenerate names for the table's subobjects on their creating. You can customize the name templates or disable this option on the Naming Rules tab of the Environment Options dialog.

2. Extract Metadata. Changed the sequence of some operator types to register possible dependencies between objects. Included support for identity and calculated fields. Added ability to generate IF EXISTS... DROP statements.

3. SQL Editor. Now it is possible to view the query results on the same tab with the query text.

4. There is the new possibility to disable showing the Changing Metadata window using the corresponding option in Confirmations tab of Environment Options dialog.

5. Query Builder. Access Violation error emerged when adding a criterion and closing a form. The bug is fixed.

6. Table Data. The error 'DataD: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset' doesn't appear anymore.

7. On creating unique index you can now select whether to create an index or a constraint.

8. Grid. Added the possibility to set format for the money fields in the Environment Options dialog on the Grid tab.

9. Table Data. Fixed the bug with not saving the Grid layout.

10. 'Make hidden Table Explorer visible on new table window' option is substituted for 'Hide Table Explorer'. A new button is added in the toolbar of Table editor to show/hide the explorer.

11. If the field was indexed, you couldn't change its type or NOT NULL constraint - the script error arose. The problem is solved.

12. Extract Metadata & Export As Insert. When extracting BLOB data the final bytes with 0x00 value were cut. Fixed now.

13. Export Data wizard. When the 'Current record only' option was selected the cursor jumped to the first record and the first record was exported. The problem is solved.

14. When running the program you couldn't shut down Windows. The bug is fixed.

15. Print Metadata. Fixed the bug with not filling out the Primary Key and Unique columns of table fields.

16. Now the Help \\ 'Send bug report to' menu item is passed to our Support Ticket System.

17. The 'Class TSynEdit not found' error arose when trying to open the localization form. Fixed now.

18. Other small improvements and bugfixes.